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Faculty of Dentistry Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) owned a Central Sterilization Supply Unit that commenced on July 2001. It is located on Level 1, Block Q  where all the cleaning and disinfection, as well as sterilization takes place in an efficient and controlled way so all microorganisms get killed without damaging the instruments. This unit has 4 Dental Surgery Assistants (DSAs), 2 Medical Attendants and a Head. It covers 4 areas which are the Receiving and Cleaning Instruments Room, Linen or Laundry Room, Preparation and Packaging Room, as well as Sterilization Supply Room.

In 2008, this department has supplied 132,586 sterilized instruments for dental treatment such as clinical set, forceps, coupland, syringe and others to all clinics in this faculty. Among them are:

Main Treatment Clinic
Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic
Specialist and Dental Practitioner Clinics
Dental Laboratory
Radiology Unit

Apart from that, it is the responsibility of this department to ensure that all sterilized instruments that are being supplied are in good condition and ready to use. It also gives services to any of faculty member or student if they need help in identifying the instruments for a particular dental treatment. It also provides training to any faculty member who would like to learn more about sterilization and how it is being done, and involve in any particular research.

Since this is the place where all dirty and used dental instruments are being collected for sterilization, all necessary steps to prevent cross infection are being prioritized and applied. The Standard Precautions has been developed and all staff in this department must follow it. Among the challenges  faced by the staff in this department are:

i) to make sure that all sterilized instruments are enough to meet the demands of all the clinics that need the instrument, depending on their schedule. The management of instrumentation is important to ensure all faculty member and students are satisfied;

ii) high risk to get any infection. Therefore, all staff must be disciplined to wear the right attire and follow the Standard Precaution as to prevent cross infection;

There are few systems that being applied by this department to ensure the management of sterilization is smooth

CSSD Application Form
CSSD Daily Record
CSSD Monthly Record