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Dental Laboratory in Faculty of Dentistry UKM has been established in 1998 and is located on Level 1 Block Q of the campus. It is mainly under the management of Department of Prosthodontics. Previously, it was handled by one Dental Technician with the help of 5 Trainee Dental Technicians. It has been expanded over the years, and at this moment the Dental Laboratory is being managed by one Dental Technician as the Head of the laboratory, and is being helped by 22 Dental Technicians and 2 Medical Attendants. Dental Laboratory is divided into 6 units, Acrylic Unit, Ceramic Unit, Cobalt Chrome Unit, Orthodontic Unit, Maxillofacial Unit and Student Laboratory Unit.

Acrylic Unit
Puan Norradiah Binti Baba is the Head for this unit together with other 6 Dental Technicians. This unit is responsible in the fabrication of removable prosthesis, both from clinicians in this Faculty and from dental students. Removable prosthesis includes complete denture and partial denture. It also helps with the casting of the impression and repair of patient’s existing denture.
Ceramic Unit

This unit has 4 Dental Technicians and is controlled by En. Noorhaizad Bin Ithnin. They are responsible in the construction of fixed prosthesis, such as crowns and bridges. Other prosthesis such as implant supported crown is also being made here.

Cobalt Chrome Unit
En. Azhan Fahmie Bin Abdullah Zawawi has been given the responsibility to manage this unit, with the help of 4 other Dental Tehcnicians. Cobalt chrome framework for removable partial denture is the main prosthesis that being fabricated by this unit.

Orthodontic Unit
This unit is being maintained by En. Amirul Hadi Bin Abdul Zalal. 3 Dental Technicians are allocated in this unit to fabricate orthodontic appliances, as well as splints. This unit is under the management of Department of Orthodontics.

Maxillofacial Unit
It is being organized by 2 Dental Technicians and they construct any maxillofacial prosthesis, such as obturator, nose and eye prosthesis.

Student Laboratory Unit
This unit has the responsibility to make sure that Student Laboratory is always clean and organize. They also prepare the schedule for the dental students to clean the laboratory in regular basis.