Graduate Secretariat

Graduate Secretariat is currently  under the supervision of the Deputy Dean of Graduate, Research, International Relations & Industry. In order to ensure the organization of graduate studies in the faculty  run accordingly, the secretariat has developed standardization in the following procedures:


Appointment of Part-time Lecturer

Medical leave form

Application for Research Fund Financing & Clinical Placement

Payment of Part-time Lecturer

Application for Change Lecture

For application of student activities abroad, please visit

For application of overseas program and student mobility fund, please visit

Graduate’s Leave Application Form (still in the preparation stage )



Notice of Submission of Dissertation / Thesis

Submission of Dissertation / Thesis For Examination

Submission of Dissertation / Thesis After Correction

Payment of Thesis / Dissertation Examination Fees

Revision of UKM Format Style

The following documents are still under preparation and amendment stages:

Examination Questions Vetting Report (Section I and III)

Research Report / Dissertation / Thesis Evaluation Form for External and Internal Examiners – (This form is relevant for Section II examination & Thesis / Dissertation oral examination)

Dissertation / Thesis Approval Status

Free Plagiarism Approval

External Examiner Evaluation Form



UKM Regulation for Graduate Management 2015

Guide for Graduate Supervision 2015

Guideline for Management of Thesis / Dissertation Oral Examination