Main Treatment Clinic

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Main Treatment Clinic is located on Level 1, Block Q, Faculty of Dentistry, consisting 8 treatment rooms. It is managed by one Clinic  Head and 3 Dental Officers. Supporting staffs that involved with this clinic are a Head, 1 Dental Nurse, 8 Dental Surgery Assistants and 1 Medical Attendant.


Function of Main Treatment Clinic

Examination and diagnosis of all new patients by the Dental Officers after registration in the Main Registration Counter.

Screening to the patients based on necessary treatment.

Explanations to patients will be given on how treatment being done in this faculty, which is by dental students.

Patients that are suitable for dental students will be recorded in a waiting list, depending on the nature of treatment needed. Dental students will call the patient for further management of the patient.

Emergency treatment will be provided to patient that is in pain.

This clinic is being used by the academic staffs for demonstration to dental students on any diagnostic procedures and dental treatments.

House for clinical session Oral Diagnosis for Year 5 dental students.

Arrange the training session for Dental Surgery Assistants in the Long Distance Learning Program together with Dental Nurse School in Penang, under the management of Ministry of Health.


Patients treated at the Main Treatment Clinic

All new patients will be screened in this clinic by the Dental Officer in charged.

Patients with dental problem and need urgent attention. However, patient is currently in any of the waiting list or if patient’s name being removed from the list for certain reasons.

Patients that is under the care of dental students and need urgent attention, but student could not give any treatment for certain reasons.


Treatment Scope

Only emergency treatment is being provided in this clinic. The treatment is for all patients, either outpatients or registered patients. However, priority is given to registered patients that are currently being treated in Polyclinic Faculty of Dentistry UKM.


Types of Emergency Treatment

Relief of pain

First step root canal treatment – removal of pulp nerve and temporary medication (dressing) until complete root canal treatment can be done

Temporary restorations

Scaling – for periodontic cases

Extractions – only being done if Oral Surgery Clinic is not operated at that moment or the treatment cannot be done in Oral Surgery Clinic. Only simple extractions are acceptable in Main Treatment Clinic with local anesthetics. In any case of major complication could arise from the extractions, an appointment will be given to patient to undergo the treatment in Oral Surgery Clinic. However, patient will be provided with other interim to relief the pain

Incision and drainage

Prescription of analgesics and antibiotics

To control excessive bleeding from extraction

To replace or repair any prosthesis or extracoronal restorations (crown, bridge, denture) with temporary measures. This is only applicable to registered patients

Other treatment based on complaint from patient


Dental trauma

Splinting of the teeth that misalign, displaced or avulsed and review. The patient will then be placed in the waiting list for further management either from dental students or from Dental Specialist.


Patient referral to Main Treatment Clinic

Patient that being referred to Faculty of Dentistry will be screened in this clinic before being distributed to the particular clinic.

Outpatients that being receiving treatment from Dental Officer in this clinic will be referred to any Specialist Clinic if complex treatment needed.