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dscn1789cdscn1876cdscn1804cPolyclinic is the clinic for dental student to treat their patients in regular basis. Dental students from clinical years, that is Year 3, 4 and 5 will use the clinics based on the designated schedule provide to them. It include treatment for children and adult patients. Polyclinic is located on Level 2 Block Q and is divided into two wings, Polyclinic A and Polyclinic B.

Polyclinic A
There are 4 surgeries in this wing

Surgery 1
There are 24 dental units for dental use and is being organized by 3 Dental Surgery Assistants.

Surgery 2
8 dental units are available, with the help from 2 Dental Surgery Assistants.

Surgery 3
2 Dental Surgeon Assistants are responsible for this clinic which comprised of 8 dental units.

Surgery 4
This surgery has 10 dental units and is organized by two Dental Surgery Assistants.

Policlinic B
There are 3 surgeries in this wing

Surgery 5
27 dental units are available here and is maintained by 3 Dental Surgery Assistants.

Surgery 6
This surgery has 12 dental units and is organized by 2 Dental Surgery Assistants.

Surgery 7
14 dental units are available, with the help from 2 Dental Surgery  Assistants.

dscn1878cdscn1880cdscn1784c1One Head and one Medical Attendant are being responsible to make sure that the running of the Polyclinics run smoothly during clinic time. Central Sterilisation and Supplies Unit helped Polyclinics with the sterilization of the dental instruments for dental students usage. Dental students can obtained the steriled dental instruments in ‘Bilik Penyimpanan Peralatan Pelajar’, which is situated near Polyclinic A.

One radiology unit has been set up near Surgery 4 for the use of dental students during their treatment with patients. Dental students could get the radiograf from the Radiology Unit, that is located on Level 1 Block Q as well.

It is the responsibility of all dental students and Faculty member to maintain the Polyclinics to make it clean and pleasant for patient management. Therefore, patient will not be in doubt to receive dental treatment in UKM.