Programme Assessment

Programme > Undergraduate

The programme emphasizes on the importance of continuous assessment to reflect the progress of the students throughout the course.

It consists of competency tests, progress/mini tests, projects, logbooks, OSPEs and OSCEs and the cumulative marks from the clinical work. A review is carried out at the end of each academic year and students will be informed of their progress. Fifty percent of the continuous assessment mark will contribute to the final mark of the course during the professional examinations.

The final evaluation of the course will be carried out in the professional examinations. It is conducted at the end of every academic year to evaluate the students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes expected at that level. A range of assessment will be used to allow students to demonstrate the required competencies. For each course, fifty percent of the marks form this examination will contribute towards the final score.

Throughout the course, students will undergo formative assessments that are designed to help them appreciate the effectiveness of their learning. They do not count towards the final marks or grading, but the assessment is used to identify and monitor students who may need additional help with their studies. Competency tests are often carried out to assess the prerequisite skills before the students are allowed to progress further into the course/programme especially in the clinical years.