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Simulation Clinic has been established in 1998 and is located on Level 1 Block Q of the Kuala Lumpur Campus. It is mainly under the management of Department of Operative Dentistry. The function of this clinic is to simulate the clinical and real patient environment to the students before they enter the clinical years, which is Year 3. It is also to expose dental students to the clinical procedures that they have to perform as a general practitioner.

Demonstration, either live or video will be shown to the students before they are introduced to a new procedure. It is hoped that they will understand the concept and the acceptable techniques of a certain procedures. Simulation of the procedure will be followed after the demonstration, where students are expected to produce an acceptable treatment procedure. This is very important so that they will perform well during the treatment with patients.

This clinic is being managed by a Head of Unit, with 3 Dental Surgeon Assistants. Among the disciplines that are involved with simulation are restorative, endodontics, prosthodontics, paedodontics and periodontics. Dental students from Year 2 till Year 4 will share this clinic according to the schedule that has been set up by the Dean’s Office.

There are 73 simulator units in this clinic. Among other facilities that are available in this clinic are radiograph machines and processors, a video camera and a camera, televisions, water distiller, handpiece oiling machines, amalgamators, light cure units and instruments sets. All the facilities are for teaching purposes. Each of the unit is equipped with a phantom head, x-ray viewer and a Bunsen burner.