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The Specialist Clinic Faculty of Dentistry UKM is a referral center for specialist dental treatment. General Dental Practitioner Clinic is on the other hand is used by dental students to get exposure of the way things are run in the management of the patient as a whole. Faculty of Dentistry UKM has 4 Specialist Clinics and 1 General Dental Practitioner Clinic, all located on Third Floor Block Q. The Specialist Clinics comprised of Orthodontic Specialist Clinic, Periodontic Specialist Clinic, Prosthodontic Specialist Clinic and Operative Specialist Clinic. Operative Specialist Clinic is further divided into 3 clinics, which are Endodontic Specialist Clinic, Peadiatric Specialist Clinic and Restorative Specialist Clinic. Apart from the clinics mentioned above, Dental Public Health Clinic, Radiology Room and Registration Counter also located on this floor for the use of dental practitioners and dental specialists. Two Health Attendants are placed here to help with the running of these clinics.

Below are the summaries of Specialists Clinic and General Dental Practitioner Clinics

Orthodontic Specialist Clinic is used by four Orthodontists and ten Orthodontic postgraduate students. This clinic is being maintained by 11 Dental Surgery Assistants. Among the treatment that being offered is to restore and improve esthetics, to correct malocclusions and to improve the health of the oral cavity.

Periodontic Specialist Clinic is being organized by three Dental Surgery Assistants and is used by three Periodontists. This clinic offers dental treatment that is related to the gingival health, including periodontitis and structures that support the dentition. Surgeries such as gingivectomy, crown lengthening, implantation and bone grafting are also among the treatments provided by the specialists. This clinic is also used for teaching purposes, which is PERIO TEACHING CLINIC (PTC) where dental students are exposed to the treatment planning and management of periodontally compromised patients.

Five Prosthodontists used this clinic to treat referred patients to the Department, with the assistance of three Dental Surgery Assistants. The main treatment provided by this clinic is the replacement of missing teeth. This may be due to extraction of the teeth or it is congenitally missing. The modes of treatment are with removable or fixed prostheses. The main objective for the replacement of missing teeth is to restore the function and esthetics of the teeth. Apart from that, the health and comfort of the patient are being restored. Removable prosthesis includes complete denture, removable partial denture and obturator, while fixed prosthesis includes crown and bridge.

Operative Specialist Clinic is divided into 3 clinics, Endodontic Specialist Clinic, Peadiatric Specialist Clinic and Restorative Specialist Clinic.
Endodontic Specialist Clinic is managed by two Dental Surgery Assistants, and is used by three Endodontists. Patients that required root canal treatment are treated in this clinic by the specialist. With this treatment, the tooth can be maintained the arch and can be functioned. Apical surgery is another treatment that being offered to patients who needed it.
Peadiatric Specialist Clinic is being organized by one Dental Surgery Assistant and used by two Peadiatricians. It provide emergency treatments and dental trauma situation that usually encountered by children. Pulpotomy, pulpectomy, restoration and extraction to deciduous teeth are among other treatments that being offered to children.
Restorative Specialist Clinic is uses by one Restorative Specialist and is managed by one Dental Surgery Assistant. The function of this clinic is to treat patients with high caries risk and to prevent the spread of the condition and to maintain the health of the teeth by maintaining its anatomy and function of the teeth. Among the treatments are temporary and permanent restorations.

General Dental Practitioner Clinic is used by Year 5 dental students where they will be exposed to the surrounding of general practitioner clinic. This is where they will learn on how to manage the patient as a whole. It will give them brief idea on how things are done in the clinic after they are qualified. One Dental Surgery Assistant is responsible to make sure the clinic run smoothly.