Student’s Computer Laboratory

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MS01Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s students in Kuala Lumpur Campus have the privileges to surf and usu internet in the Student’s Computer Laboratory. It is located on Ground Floor Block N, and is divided into 3 rooms. They are Cyber Café 1, Cyber Café 2 and Cyber Café 3.

Cyber Café 1 has the capacity of 45 computer stations. It can be use for workshop and lectures for all faculties in this campus, as well as for the use of students and for renting. The facilities that are available in this café are LCD projector, microphone and wifi connection.

Cyber Café 2 on the other hand has the capacity of 35 computer stations. Similar to Cyber Café 1, it can be use for workshops and renting. LCD projector and wifi connection are available.

49 computer stations are available in Cyber Café 3 for students and staff. There are printers available in this café.

The charges are varies with UKM students and non-UKM students. For UKM students, they are charged RM1 for 1 hour of usage, RM3 for 3 hours and RM5 for 4 hours. Non-UKM students they are charged RM3 for 2 hours and RM5 for 4 hours of usage.