Training School

3rd ACAM Training School on Satellite observations and Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols in the Asian Monsoon region

Aim and Scope

The ACAM capacity building working group is organizing a 2-day training school on “Satellite observations and Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols in the Asian Monsoon region” to be held at UKM, Malaysia during 24-25 June 2019. This training school will be organized prior to the 4th ACAM workshop, 26-28 June at UKM, Malaysia.

Capacity building relevant to early career scientists is an important component of the ACAM activity with a dedicated working group specifically to enhance the fundamentals and applications focusing on atmospheric composition in the Asian monsoon region. Training schools have previously been organized in conjunction with the past two ACAM workshops in Bangkok (2015) and Guangzhou (2017), with 35 early career scientists from Asia (students, postdocs) and 10 lecturers from various institutions internationally-

Guangzhou 2017 Training school

Bangkok 2015 Training School

Specific goals of the 2019 training school include enhancing the capacity and training of early career scientists in the areas of atmospheric composition data analysis using satellite remote sensing and modeling (fundamentals, applications and data products), relevant to studying aerosols, trace gases, transport processes and chemistry-climate interactions, particularly in connection with the Asian monsoon. The school addresses a highly topical research in the scientific community focusing on linkages/feedbacks between atmospheric composition and Asian monsoon. The 2019 ACAM school will focus on computer-based exercises and lectures for analysing satellite and model datasets.

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