ASEAN Comparative Education Research Conference 2015


ASEAN Comparative Education Research Network or ACER-N was formed on June 16, 2014, by the Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.  The primary objective was to encourage the creation of links, and the exchange of ideas and information among the academic community, and government policy makers, leading to a better understanding on educational related policy and innovations in the ASEAN region.

Thus,  ACER-N intends to build and develop:

à Groups of comparative research expertise across disciplines for the expansion of  new knowledge , whilst enhancing the research capacity of         universities, the private sectors and government agencies;

à Cooperative networking for academic mobility that seeks to improve relations and academic  collaboration on the principle of mutual respect;

à Continuous agendas for research and networking activities.


à Provide a platform for participants from across the ASEAN region to discuss research results on issues related to education, economy, sports and culture.

à Mustering experts in various fields for generating ideas in the latest comparative practices.

à Disseminate timely and relevant information to value creation and economic improvement for the welfare of society


Main Theme

Quality Education For Economic Enhancement  Towards a Well Being Society.


Sub Theme

Professionalization of teachers towards Education Reform

Effective Vocational and Technical

Education for Employability and Entrepreneurship

Education for Ethnic & Cultural Sustainability

Special and Inclusive Education

Empowering education towards Soft Skills

Sport science



A wide range of group are targeted as participants, including;

à  Academicians

à  Researchers

à  Graduates Students

à  Statutory Bodies

à  NGO activists and  advocates

à  Government  policy makers

à  Life-long learners

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