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BP 346 Biological Principles and Diversity - A Laboratory Manual for Biology 101 and 102  
MP (L) 11 Aceto-Iron-Haematoxylin-Chloral Hydrate For Chromosome Staining  
MP (L) 12 Staining Method, Chromosome Staining, Nucleus, Haematoxylin  
BP (D) 6 Morphological Contrasts Between Hedysarum spinosissimum ssp. Spinossissimum and ssp. Capitatum Warrant Recognition of Separate Species Baatout
BP (K) 4 Epilogue - How Accidents become discoveries  
BP (K) 5 Literature Search - Pendekatan Dalam Mencari Bahan Literature  
BP (K) 6 Research Process  
BP (K) 7 Guidelines for Examiners of Higher Degrees  
BP (K) 8 Basic Methods of Research  
BP (K) 9 Exceptional Excerpts : From the Examiners's Files  
BP (K) 10 Research Methodology  
MP (E) 16 Panduan Menulis Tesis  
MP 89 Community Structure and the Niche Giller, P. S.
MP (F) 17 Ecology Of Natural Ecosystem  
MP (C) 12 Common Diseases Of Maize In Peninsular Malaysia  
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MP (E) 18 Forest Types Of Peninsular Malaysia  
MP (F) 8 Agricultural Ecosystems  
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BP 113 A Class-Book Of Botany Dutta, A. C.
BP 165 Tobacco - Basic Facts  
MP 19 Plant Microtechnique Johansen, D. A.
MP (A) 22 Tips On Planting  
MP (E) 22 Reproductive Strategy In Plants  
MP (J) 31 Forest Recreational Areas In Peninsular Malaysia  
MP (N) 17 Size And Affinities Of The Flora Of The Malay Peninsula  
MP (N) 18 Perhubungan Flora Di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu  
MP (O) 7 Traditional Agriculture Its Role In African Food Production And Resource Management  
MP (P) 16 Maize, Jagong  
MP (P) 20 Kelapa Sawit, Oil Palm  
MP (P) 21 Menanam Dan Memeliharan Pokok-Pokok Buah-Buahan  
MP (W) 44 Fruit Ripening  
MP (W) 49 The Global Effects Of Tropical Deforestation  
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BP 316 Biology Tumbuhan Rendah (nota kuliah) - 2 copies  
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MP (P) 19 Penanaman Cendawan Jerami  
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BP (D) 3 Morphological Characterization and Classification of Open-Pollinated sweet Corn Cultivars Revo;;a
BP (K) 19 Order and Family Names in Malay and in Chinese  
MP 55 Guide to Philippine Flora and Fauna - Dipterocarps & Non-Dipterocarps  
MP 56 Guide to Philippine Flora and Fauna - Bamboos, Grasess and Palms  
MP (N) 20 Field Key To The Common Families And Some Genera Of Trees Of Sarawak  
BP 146 Teknologi Koko-Kelapa Mardi
BP 83 Canon Bubble Jet Printer BJ-10ex - User's Manual  
MP (L) 22 Z-Nix Mouse - User's Mouse  
BP 10 Introducing Microsoft Windows 95 - For distribution only with a new PC  
BP 11 The Basics of Ms-Dos and Ms-Window  
BP 12 AST Computer - Monitor User's Manual  
BP 13 AST Computer - ISA Configuration Utility - User's Manual  
BP 23 AST Computer - User's Manual  
BP 76 SAS/STAT User's Guide - Release 6.03 Edition  
BP 102 Epson printer - Operation Manual  
BP 156 Your IMB PC - Made Easy  
BP 160 Ms-Dos - Reference Guide  
BP 311 SAS Procedure Guide, Release 6.03 Edition  
BP 312 SAS Introductory Guide - Release 6.03 Edition  
BP 313 SAS/GRAPH User's Guide - Release 6.03 Edition  
BP 314 SAS Language Guide For Personal Computer - Release 6.03 Edition  
BP 327 Operating Instructions - Impact Dot Matrix Printer (KX-P1081)  
BP (F) 6 Bonaly  
BP (F) 8 Teknologi Maklumat Untuk Sains Hayat Kamarudin
BP (K) 1 Perkakas dan Perisian Kamarudin
MP (H) 11 Home Writer 10 - Epson, Set Up Instruction  
MP (I) 6 Setting Up Your Apple 11c  
BP 67 First Asia-Pacific Conference On Algal Biotechnology - Programme and Abstracts  
BP 131 Seminar Tahun Kepujian, 1992  
BP 132 International Workshop On Reproductive Ecology Of Tropical Forest Plants - Programme  
BP 148 Seminar Tahunan ke 10. Persatuan Sains Lautan Malaysia  
BP 149 Seminar Tahunan ke 12. Persatuan Sains Lautan Malaysia  
BP 150 Seminar Tahunan ke 11. Persatuan Sains Lautan Malaysia  
BP 151 Kolokium Fakulti Sains Hayat ke-2 - Aturcara & Abstrak  
BP 152 Kolokium Fakulti Sains Hayat, Imperatif Penyelidikan  
BP 153 2nd Asia-Pacific Marine Biotechnology Conference and 3rd. Asia-Pacific Conference on Algal Biotechnology - Final Announcement  
BP 162 An International Conference On Forest Biology & Conservation in Borneo  
BP 163 National Workshop and Seminar On Monitoring Strategies in Environmental Management and Assessment  
BP 179 Seminar Tahun Kepujian, 1989  
BP 180 Simposium Biologi Gunaan Malaysia Pertama  
BP 181 Simposium Biologi kebangsaan Ke 3  
BP 315 Kolokium Fakulti Sains Hayat ke-4  
BP 321 Simposium Sumber Alam Kebangsaan Pertama - Aturcara dan Abstrak  
BP 323 Training Seminar in Environmental Science and Management Unesco-Biotrop
BP 118 Environmental Impact Assessment MARC
BP 128 Port Dredging/Reclamation EIA Supplementary Study, Bintulu Sarawak  
BP 133 Pelagus/Bakun Hydro-Electric Projects - Ecological Impacts  
BP 135 Report of the Unesco-Biotrop Training Workshop On Environmental Impact Analysis  
BP 172 Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Medamit-2-Hydro Project, Limbang, Sarawak (final report)  
BP 177 Environmental Post-Project Evaluation of Kenyir Dam, Terengganu  
BP 178 Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Medamit-2-Hydro Project, Limbang, Sarawak (Inception report)  
BP 317 Nenggiri Dam Project : Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem - Final Report  
BP 319 Pergau Dam Project - Terrestrial and Aquatic - Final Report  
BP 331 Report of the Biotrop Training Course on Aquatic Environmental Impact Assessment (Vol. 2)  
MP (A) 19 Environmental Impact Analysis Of Agricultural Activities  
MP (F) 4 Environment, Environmental Management, And Environmental Impact Assessment  
MP (F) 6 Ecological Cost Assessment Theory And Practice : Environmental Impact Of The High Ross Dam  
MP (F) 7 Government Regulation Of The Republics Of Indonesia Pertaining To Analysis Of Impacts Upon The Environment  
MP (F) 9 Introduction To Remote Sensing Techniques And Ecological Classification For EIA  
MP (F) 10 Proposed Project Description Of Tea Plantation Expansion At Gunung Emas, West Java  
MP (F) 11 Soil Degradation Assessment - Water Erosion  
MP (F) 12 Environmental Impact Analysis Of Agricultural Activities Of The Philippines  
MP (F) 13 Watershed Deterioration In Indonesia And It Impact To The Environment  
MP (F) 14 Climatonomical System  
MP (F) 15 Environmental Impact Assessment In Malaysia Law, Regulation And Implementation  
MP (F) 16 Environmental Screening In Regional Land Development  
MP (O) 6 Impact Analysis On Environmental Health  
MP (O) 11 Analysis Of Impacts Upon The Environment  
BP 348 The New Joy of Knowledge Encyclopedia  
MP (S) 8 Heavy Metal Levels In Malaysian Fish  
MP (B) 9 Beberapa Pentanda Perubahan Sifat Sungai Tembeling  
MP (B) 10 Beberapa Aspek Sifat-Sifat Sungai And Air, Dan Hubungannya Dengan Kegunaan Rekreasi Di Dalam Kawasan Taman Negara  
MP (I) 14 Human Impact On The Sea  
MP (L) 18 Tinjauan Semasa Di Empangan Kenyir, Terengganu  
MP (S) 29 Conflict At Pork Dickson, Malaysia  
MP (S) 30 The Relationship Between The Offshore Topography And The Port Dickson - Cape Rachado Coast  
MP (W) 47 Concentration And Concentration Factors Of Heavy Metals In Brown Algae  
MP (A) 14 Simultaneous Acid Extraction Of Six Trace Metals From Fish Tissue By Hot-Block Digestion And Determination By Atomic-Absorption Spectrometry  
MP (A) 23 Toxic Pollution  
MP (A) 33 Heavy Metals Pollution In The Urban Environment  
MP (B) 8 Heavy Metals In Water, Sediments And Invertebrates From A Metal-Contaminated River Free Of Organic Pollution  
MP (C) 7 Mercury Content Of Fish From The River Mouth Of Sungai Kelang  
MP (D) 7 Observations On The Determination Of Total Copper, Iron, Manganese And Zinc In Foodstuffs By Flame Atomic-Absorption Spectrophotometry AAS  
MP (E) 4 Heavy Metals In Malaysian Fish : A Preliminary Study  
MP (E) 5 Heavy Metal In Fishes In The Kelang Estuary, Malaysia  
MP (F) 2 Heavy Metal Contamination In Fiddler Crabs (Uca annulipes) And Hermit Crabs (Clibanarius Sp.) In Coastal Area Of Northern Peninsular Malaysia  
MP (H) 4 Heavy Metals In The Derwent Reservoir Catchment, Northern England  
MP (I) 5 Pollution : Kuala Juru Battle For Survival  
MP (J) 3 Kesan Pencemaran Logam Berat Ke Atas Hidupan Akuatik Di Sekitar Lombong Tembaga Mamut  
MP (K) 1 Determination Of Trace Concentration Of Mercury In Biological Materials After Digestion Under Pressure In Nitric Acid Catalyses By Vanadium Pentoxide  
MP (L) 6 Studies On The Binding Of Heavy Metals By Algal Polysaccharidues II. The Binding Of Lead, Cadmium, And Mercury, And Mercury By Sargassum polycystum C. Agardh  
MP (L) 13 Determination Of Lead In Drinking Water By Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Using An Electrically Heated Graphite Furnace  
MP (N) 9 The Mineralogy And Trace Element Constituents Of Suspended Stream Sediments Of The Linggi River Basin, Malaysia  
MP (N) 12 Trace Metal Concentrations In Fish From Port Dickson Coastal Waters  
MP (R) 6 Heavy Metals In Tropical City Street Dust And Roadside Soils : A Case Of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
MP (R) 7 The Determination Of Heavy Metals In Aquatic Ecosystems With A Heated Graphite Atomizer  
MP (S) 1 Changes In Flora Down A Stream Showing A Zinc Gradient  
MP (S) 2 Zinc Tolerance In Strains Of The Blue-Green Alga Ancystis nidulans  
MP (S) 3 Field And Laboratory Studies On Blue-Green Algae From Aquatic Sites With High Level Of Zinc  
MP (S) 20 Chemistry And Plant Ecology Of Zinc-Rich Streams In The Northern Pennines  
MP (S) 39 The Heavy Metal-Binding Peptides Of Plants  
MP (W) 3 Solubilities Of Trace Copper And Lead Species And The Complexing Capacity Of River Water In The Linggi River Basin  
MP (W) 5 Heavy Metals In An Industrially Polluted River, The Team  
MP (W) 6 Chemistry And Plant Ecology Of Zinc-Rich Wasted Dominated By Blue-Green Algae  
MP (W) 9 Methods For Processing Aquatic Mosses Used As Monitors Of Heavy Metals  
MP (W) 12 Influence Of Cobalt, Nickel, Copper And Cadmium On The Blue-Green Alga Anacystis nidulans  
MP (W) 17 Chemistry And Plants Of Streams And Rivers With Elevated Zinc  
MP (W) 42 Disposal Of Waste In The Marine Environment And The Pollution On The Sea  
MP (W) 45 Manganese In The Marine Environment  
MP (W) 46 Accumulation Of Copper And Cobalt By Blue-Green Algae At Different Temperature  
MP (W) 48 An Investigation Of The Heavy Metal Content Of Sediments And Algae From The River Niger And Nigerian Atlantic Coastal Waters  
MP (Z) 2 Pemonitoran Pencemaran Logam-Logam Berat Di Sungai-Sungai Semenanjung Malaysia  
MP (S) 22 Accumulation O Heavy Metals By Aquatic Mosses. 1 : Fontinalis antipyretica Hedw.  
BP 134 Biology Sekitaran (Nota Kuliah)  
MP (E) 7 Biological Dose : Parameter And Indicators Of Health Effects  
MP (L) 40 Ecotoxicology  
MP (N) 6 Water Quality Survey Of The Sungai Sedili Kecil, Malaysia  
MP (N) 7 Linggi River Basin Management Study-Pollution And Water Quality  
BP (I) 31 Beberapa Aspek Sifat-Sifat Sungai Dan Air, Dan Hubungannya Dengan Kegunaan Rekreasi Di Dalam Kawasan Taman Negara Ahmad Badri
BP (J) 17 Tinjauan Morfometri, Kimia Dan Biologi Air dan Sediment di Taman Negara Malaysia (draft) Ismail et al.
BP (J) 20 Tinjauan Semasa Di Empangan Kenyir, Terengganu (draft) Ramlan, M. N
BP (K) 18 Summary of WHO Water Quality Guideline Values  
BP (I) 8 Kandungan Logam Berat Dalam Ikan di Tasik Chini Ahmad Ismail
BP (I) 29 Trace Metal Concentrations in Fish From Port dickson Coastal Waters Noor et al.
BP (J) 19 Heavy Metal Content in Some Malaysian Marine and Freshwater Fishes (draft) Ramlan, M. N
BP (J) 22 Kajian Kualiti Air dan Kandungan Logam-Logam Berat Dalam Ikan dari Taman Negara Ahmad
BP (I) 9 Water Quality of Some Rivers and Levels of Selected Heavy Metals in Freshwater Fishes of Taman Negara, West Malaysia Musrifah
BP (I) 11 Beberapa Petanda Perubahan Sifat Sungai Tembeling Ahmad Badri
BP (I) 24 Kualiti Air dan Kandungan Logam Berat Dalam Ikan Di Kawasan Takungan Air Empangan Temenggor, Grik, Perak Abas et al.
BP (J) 14 Heavy Metal Contamination in Fiddler Crabs (Uca sp.) and Hermit Crabs (Clibanarius sp.) in Coastal Area of Northern Peninsular of Malaysia (draft) Ismail, et al.
MP 32 Environmental Analysis For Land Use and Site Planning Marsh, W. M.
BP (I) 2 The Inorganic Nutrient Contents, Photosynthetic Value and Other Related Environmental Factors of Sungai Trengganu, Trengganu Lokman Shamsudin
BP (I) 3 Some Biological Observations on Tasek Dayang Bunting, Langkawai Yadav & Ratnasabapathy
BP (I) 10 Heavy Metals in Fishes in the Kelang Estuary, Malaysia Law & Singh
MP (P) 11 PKAUKM Bulletin  
MP (N) 15 Dr 2000 Spectrophotometer Instrument Manual, HACH Manual  
MP (O) 18 Operational Manual Koden Monochrome Video Sounder  
BP 1 The Second University - Detention Under The Isa Kassim Ahmad
BP 2 Kehidupan Insan Di Alam Baka Halimuddin S. H
BP 3 Dienul Islam Nasruddin Razak
BP 15 On The Political System Of The Islamic State Muhamed S. El-Awa
BP 16 Teori Evolusi - Suatu Fakta Atau Asas Ideologi Sulaiman Hj. Noordin, Suzanah Abdullah
BP 19 Selected Prayer Jamal A. Badawi
BP 72 The Guinness Book of Records 1991  
BP 115 Masyarakat Islam Sayid Qutb
BP 123 Optical Illusions  
BP (F) 7 Al Quran  
BP (I) 4 Perubahan Paradigma Penilaian Ahli Akademik dan Kedudukan UKM Di Kalangan Universiti-Universiti Di Malaysia Shaharir
BP (I) 5 Future Work - Faculty Time in the 21st Century Plater, W. M
BP (I) 6 Restoring Good Manners in Research  
BP (K) 3 Syarahan Tahunan Naib Canselor  
BP (K) 20 Pendidikan Dalam Aspek Praktikum - Suatu Model Interaktif Wan Mohtar
BP (K) 21 Agenda Pendidikan UKM yang Belum Terlaksana Shaharir
BP (K) 22 Penyampaian Kuliah Osman Hassan
MP 50 Kesatuan Dalam kepelbagaian Penyelidikan Biology Rohani et al.
MP 62 Manusia Dan Pembangunan Alam Sekitar  
MP 82 How to Get A Phd Phillips & Pugh
MP 88 Hadis Satu Penilaian Semula Kassim Ahmad
MP (A) 21 Etika Kerja Dalam Islam  
MP (A) 24 Conditions Of Excellence In Undergraduate Education  
MP (A) 26 Nilai Pemakanan Susu Segar  
MP (A) 28 Peranan Hormon Perumah Dalam Perkembangan Dan Kemandirian Parasit  
MP (A) 30 Dasar Pertanian Negara  
MP (A) 31 Managers Of The Learning Process  
MP (B) 21 Sicen Newsletter  
MP (E) 6 Words And Expressions To Avoid, Word Jargon  
MP (E) 24 Kaedah Belajar Untuk Capai Kejayaan  
MP (E) 27 Senarai Bahan-Bahan Pandang Dengar Dalam Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang  
MP (E) 28 Senarai Tambahan Bahan-Bahan Pandang-Dengar (Sains Hayat), Perpustakaan UKM  
MP (E) 30 Senarai Bahan-Bahan Pandang Dengar Bidang Sains Sekitaran  
MP (F) 5 Act Of The Republic Of Indonesia No. 4 Of 1982 Concerning Basic Provisions For The Management Of The Living Environment  
MP (H) 12 Pastura And Foder  
MP (I) 4 Some Practical Hints To Study At Universiti Sains Malaysia  
MP (K) 18 Bayawan Municipality - A Socioeconomic Study And Development Proposal  
MP (Z) 8 Post Graduate And Research Prospectus  
BP 305 The Earth Through Time Levin, Harold
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BP 75 Phycologia  
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BP 345 Pertanika UPM
MP 53 The Malayan Nature Journal 1993  
BP 318 Laporan Kerjalapangan Tasik Raban  
BP 320 Kajian Pencemaran, Penilaian & Pengurusan Logam-logam Berat di Alam Sekitar Malaysia - Laporan Program IRPA  
MP (R) 47 Biological Indicators For Water Quality Assessment  
MP (H) 8 Nightly Aeration To Increase Production Of Channel Catfish  
MP (H) 10 Experiments With Commercial Fertilizers In Rearing Largemouth Black Bass Fingerlings  
MP (O) 4 Pembiakan Ikan Kelisa Di Malaysia  
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BP 25 A Fishkeeper's Guide To Marine Fishes Dick Mills
BP 26 A Fishkeeper's Guide To Coldwater Fishes Dick Mills
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MP (A) 8 New Approaches To Recreational Fishery Management  
MP (G) 3 A Length Categorization System To Assess Fish Stocks  
MP (H) 5 Bottom Organisms In Fertilized And Unfertilized Fish Ponds In Alabama  
MP (I) 9 Caroline's Freshwater Aquarium Handbook  
MP (I) 16 What Fish In This  
MP (L) 9 The Role Of Fertilizers In Pond Fish Production Ii. Some Ecological Aspects  
MP (L) 12 The Dispersal Of Fertilizing Substances In Ponds  
MP (N) 5 Bluegill Population Structure And Dynamics  
MP (S) 17 Effect Of Organic And Inorganic Fertilizers On Plankton Production And Bluegill Bream Carrying Capacity Of Ponds  
MP (S) 23 The Effects Of Various Fertilizers On Plant Growths And Their Probable Influence On The Production Of Smallmouth Black Bass In Hard Water Ponds  
MP (S) 24 Fertilizers For Increasing The Natural Food For Fish In Ponds  
MP (W) 2 Relative Weight : A New Index Of Condition For Largemouth Bass  
BP 31 Prinsip Sains Perikanan Siti Khalijah Daud (terjemahan)
MP (I) 17 Kerjalapangan Tasik Chini - Aturcara  
BP 61 Limnology - Laboratory and Field Guide, Physico-Chemical Factors, Biological Factors Ruben C. Umaly
BP 101 A guide to the study of Fresh-Water Biology Needham, J. G.
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BP 126 Organisma di Jasad Air (Rajah Ekologi Air Tawar) - 2 copies  
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BP 130 Program Kerjalapangan di Tasik Chini, 1992  
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MP 17 Limnological Methods Welch, P. S.
MP 48 Standard Methods For the Examination of Water and Wastewater APHA
MP 72 Water Analysis Mackereth, et al.
MP (K) 8 Manual - Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter  
MP (K) 10 Manual - Portable Spectrophotometer  
MP (R) 45 Chemical Analysis, Water Quality, Water Analysis, Limnology, Freshwater Quality  
MP (R) 46 Morphometry Of Lake And Stream  
BP 116 Pesticides In The Aquatic Environment MARC
MP (E) 14 The Plankton  
BP 35 Making Aquatic Weeds Useful - Some Perspectives For Developing Countries National Academy of Sciences
BP 84 Aquatic Weeds of Souteast Asia Pancho, J. V
MP 18 Aquatic Weeds - Their Identification and Methods of Control  
MP 35 River Plants - The Macrophytic Vegetation of Watercourses Haslam, S. M.
MP 41 Aquatic Plants of Australia Aston, H. I.
MP 51 Aquatic Weeds of Southeast Asia Pancho, J. V.
MP 87 Major Weeds in Thailand - illustrated by color  
MP (A) 16 Problems And Control Of Aquatic Weeds In Indonesian Open-Waters  
MP (A) 32 Factors Governing The Distribution Of Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Along Sungai Perak  
MP (I) 15 A Guide To The Identification Of The Floating Submerged And Principal Emergent Vascular Plants of The Hancock County, Illinois, Section Of The Mississippi River  
MP (L) 10 The Dominant Aquatic Weeds In Peninsular Malaysia  
MP (L) 14 Factors Governing The Distribution Of Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Along Sungai Perak  
MP (L) 15 The Dominant Aquatic Weeds In Peninsular Malaysia  
MP (N) 16 How Many Vascular Plants Are There In West Malaysia And Singapore?  
MP (S) 14 Weed Problems And Prospects For Chemical Control In Indonesia  
MP (S) 15 Pest Management In Aquatic Habitat  
MP (S) 16 Recent Trends In Aquatic Weed Management In Indonesia  
MP (W) 4 Use Of Plants To Monitor Heavy Metals In River  
MP (W) 11 Some Environmental Aspects In Aquatic Weed Management  
MP (W) 17 Studies On The Growth And Control Of Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)  
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BP 125 Ekologi Air Tawar (manuscript buku)  
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BP 326 Water Quality Survey  
BP 342 Ekologi Air Tawar - manuscript buku (final)  
MP 16 Ekologi Air Tawar Ahmad Ismail
MP 40 Ecology of Inland Waters and Estuaries Reid & Wood
MP (E) 9 Eutrophication  
MP (E) 10 Chemical Limnology  
MP (E) 11 Physical Limnology  
MP (E) 12 Physical Limnology  
MP (E) 13 The Benthos  
  78 Global Status of Mangrove Ecosystems (xerox)  
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MP 59 Guide to Philippine Flora and Fauna - Corals  
MP (A) 7 Protected Areas For Coral Reefs  
MP (E) 17 Protected Areas For Coral Reefs  
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MP (J) 32 Marine Parks Gazetted In 1985  
MP (W) 10 Coral Reefs In Sabah : Present Damage And Potential Dangers  
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MP (I) 13 Estuaries And Salt Marshes  
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BP 341 Prosiding Pertemuan Teknis Evaluasi Hasil Survai Hutan Bakau  
MP (E) 23 Mangroves, (Hutan Paya Laut Atau Hutan Bakau  
MP (E) 26 Key To Common Mangrove Plants  
MP (N) 21 Fields Key To Mangrove Trees And Shrubs  
MP (R) 25 Mangrove Fiddlers  
MP (S) 27 Management And Harvesting Of Klang Mangrove Forests  
BP 41 Padi - Open Water Diver Manual  
BP 169 Padi - Open Water Diver Manual  
MP 33 A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis Strickland & Parsons
MP (L) 8 Seagrasses From The Philippines  
MP 24 The Hamlyn guide to Shells of the World Oliver, A. P. H.
BP 49 Marine Biology - An Ecological Approach James W. Nybakken
MP (W) 8 A Computer Orientated Numerical Coding System For Algae  
BP (D) 9 Numerical Taxonomy of Pseudomonads Isolated From Water, Sediments and Eels Aznar
BP (D) 4 Numerical Morphological Analysis of Lettuce Cultivars and Species De Vries
BP (D) 10 Infrageneric Phenetic Relations in New World Panicum : A Numerical Analysis Zuloaga
BP (E) 12 A mixed-data Numerical Approach to Angiosperma Taxonomy the Classification of Ericales Watson, William & Lance
BP (E) 13 Angiosperma Taxonomy : A Comparative Study of Some Novel Numerical Techniques Watson, William & Lance
BP (H) 7 Application of Simple Numerical Methods to the Analysis of Intertidal Vegetation Russell
BP (F) 1 Twinspans Hill
BP (F) 2 Decorana Hill
BP (F) 3 MVSP  
BP (F) 4 Multivariate Analysis Courses Moore
BP (H) 4 Some Problems of Numerical Taxonomy Davies
BP (H) 6 A Generic Revision of Portulacaceae Tribe Montieae Using Techniques of Numerical Taxonomy McNeill
BP (H) 11 Shape Characters in Numerical Taxonomy and Problems with Ratios Phillips
BP (H) 15 Computer-Assisted Identification Priest & Williams
BP (H) 19 The effects on Classification of Slight Alterations in Numerical Technique Minkoff
BP (D) 5 Numerical Classification and Identificationof Streptomyces Species - A Review Goodfellow
BP (D) 1 Numerical Taxonomy of Portuguese Tronchuda Cabbage and Galega Kale Landraces Using Morphological Character Monteiro
BP (D) 7 Numerical Phenetic and Cladistic Analyses of the Treehopper tripe Aconophorini Dietrich
BP (D) 8 Classification of Blister and Leaf Beetles by Some Cladistic and Numerical Methods Biondi
BP 27 Penerbitan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 1980 - 1988  
BP 30 Kurikulum Ijazah Sarjanamuda Sains Dengan Kepujian - Biologi Molekul, Biologi Pemuliharaan & Sains Makanan Fakulti Sains Hayat
BP 34 Panduan Pengajian Prasiswazah Fakulti Sains Hayat (1997-1998) Fakulti Sains Hayat
BP 45 Akta Dan Peraturan Mengenai Peperiksaan  
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BP 103 Penilaian Dan Perancangan Program Prasiswazah Sains Hayat  
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BP 140 Directory of Biotrop Training Course Participants (2 copies)  
BP 161 Higher Research Degrees PhD and Mphil - Heriot-Watt University  
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BP 40 Imperatif Penyelidikan Dalam Sains Hayat Zakri et al. (sunting)
BP 42 Persidangan Penyelidikan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - Abstrak Kertas Tema, Lisan Dan Poster  
BP 43 Keseimbangan Penyelidikan - Asas Dan Gunaan Dalam Biologi Bidin et al.
BP 54 Profil Penyelidikan Dan Penerbitan Fakulti Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1980-1989)  
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BP (F) 5 Graduate Student Symposium  
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BP (K) 14 Principles of Systematic Zoology Mayr 
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MP (I) 19 The Potential For Sea farming In The Riau Archipelago District Of Indonesia  
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