AAA’s team of graduate alumni

1 – Anne Majanil [M.Sc.] [Thesis title: Understanding the requirements for the fulfilment of Ramsar Convention obligations: Case study of Tanjung Piai Ramsar site]

2 – Jurry Foo [PhD] [Thesis title: Kelestarian tumbuhan ubatan yang dijual di tamu utama pantai barat, Sabah]

3 – Novia Arinda Pradisty [M.Sc.] [Thesis title: Effects of interspecific and ontogenetic differences on microbial decay of mangrove leaf litter in Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia]

4 – Zsuzsanna Bagotai [M.Sc.] [Thesis title: Folivory – Mangrove Interaction in Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Malaysia. Investigation of Leaf Characteristics as a Function of Herbivory Attack]

5 – Mohammad Ishtiaque Haider [M.Sc.] [Thesis Title: Assessment of Flood Damage and Public’s Willingness to Pay for Flood Mitigation Project: A Case Study of Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia]

AAA’s team of graduate candidates (as main supervisor)

1 – Mahfuzul Islam [PhD]

2 – Eddy Mazuaansyah [M.Sc.]

3 – Maya Liyana Hamzah [M.Sc.]

4 – Yahzam Muhamad [M.Sc.]

5 – Asma’ Jamal [PhD]

AAA’s team of graduate candidates (as co-supervisor)

1 – Mahfuza Begum [PhD]

2 – Raynusha Chandran [M.Sc.]

3 – Paul Nathan Francis [PhD]