From:                       Ir. Dr. Anuar Kasa

Salam 1Malaysia,

I work at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). Below are courses conducted by me at UKM.

(i) undergraduate  

Computer Programming (MATLAB)
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering
Foundation Engineering

(ii) postgraduate  

Slopes and Retaining Structures

(iii) researchers and others
 (short course)

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Based on my experience in research and teaching, I take the initiative to offer short courses to researchers under my supervision and extend them to others so that we can learn and share the knowledge. By attending these courses, participants can save weeks of working hours that they need to learn by themselves.

Besides teaching, I conducts these research projects:

Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy System for Prediction of Earthquake Effect on Retaining Structures GUP
Shear Strength of GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner) FRGS
Earthquake Effect on Geosynthetic Reinforced Retaining Structures GUP
Development of Earthquake Base Isolators ERGS

Some of researchers who are working in these areas. They work towards MSc and PhD degree.

PhD student from Sudan. He predicts the stability of slopes using AI methods.

 Master students who (1) used GeoStudio to predict the stability of slope due to earthquake,
(2) worked on the stability of earth dam also due to earthquake (graduated in 2011) and
(3) analyzed the performance of GCLs for landfill.

PhD student who's working on earthquake base isolator.

PhD student who's studying the effect of earthquake on the stability of reinforced earth structure.

PhD student from Iraq who's doing research on soil improvement using
stone column for earth embankment.

Some of publications;

1. Ahmad Anwar Mohd Yunus, Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik and Mohd Raihan Taha, 2011. Stability Analyses of an Earth Dam using Limit Equilibrium and Finite Element Methods. Key Engineering Materials Vols. 462-463 (2011) pp 319-324, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

2. Ong Yu Hwang, Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik and Mohd Raihan Taha, 2011. Earthquake Impact Analyses on Slopes using Finite Element and Limit Equilibrium Methods. Advanced Materials Research Vols. 163-167 (2011) pp 3868-3871, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

3. Noor Hasnida Baharudin, Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik, Azlan Adnan and Mohd Raihan Taha, 2011. Preparation of Residual Soil Samples by using Modified Method. Advanced Materials Research Vols. 163-167 (2011) pp 4470-4473, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

4. Tarig Mohamed, Anuar Kasa and Mohd Raihan Taha. 2011. Prediction of Safety Factor for Slope Designed with Various Limit Equilibrium Methods. Key Engineering Materials Vols. 462-463 (2011) pp 611-615, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

5. Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik and Mohd Raihan Taha, 2011. Prediction of External Stability for Geogrid-Reinforced Segmental Walls. Key Engineering Materials Vols. 462-463 (2011) pp 1319-1324, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

6. Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik and Mohd Raihan Taha. 2010. Finite Element Analysis of a Segmental Retaining Wall. International Technical Conference CAU-UKM, Seoul, Korea, pp 457-463.

7. Tarig Mohamed and Anuar Kasa. 2010. Slope Stability using Neuro-fuzzy Inference System. International Technical Conference CAU-UKM, Seoul, Korea, pp 487-494.

8. Mohd Izzuddin Zaini, Zamri Chik dan Anuar Kasa. 2010. Kebolehpasaran Graduan Jabatan Kejuruteraan Awam dan Struktur, UKM. Prosiding Seminar Pendidikan Kejuruteraan dan Alam Bina 2010 (PeKA2010), UKM. pp. 147-155.

9. Gareane A. I. Algreane, S. A. Osman, Othman A. Karim & Anuar Kasa. 2009. Dynamic Behaviour of Elevated Concrete Water Tank with Alternate Impulsive Mass Configurations. Proceedings of the 2nd WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Structures and Engineering Geology.

10. Anuar Kasa, Zamri Chik and Mohd Raihan Taha. 2009. Internal Shear Strength of a GCL at Various Stages of Hydration. Prosiding Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan XII 2009 Himpunan Ahli Teknik Tanah Indonesia, Development of Geotechnical Engineering in Civil Construction, Bali, Indonesia. pp. 140-143.

Photos taken during my visits to present paper.

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Guangzhou, China

Alexandria, Egypt

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Seoul, Korea

Amman, Jordan

Taipei, Taiwan

I like to go for technical visits. 

Construction of deep foundation, Kuala Lumpur.

with students who're doing practical training.

with student who's doing industrial training.

Rubber Research Institute Malaysia.

MRT project in Taipei, Taiwan

If You are Interested to ...

  Carry Out Research.

My fields of interest: Geotechnical Engineering, Earthquakes, Applications of Geosynthetics, Retaining Structures, Computer Simulations using Finite Element Methods, Prediction using Statistics, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logics.

Attend Short Courses.
I conduct these courses: MATLAB & Advanced Data Analysis and NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming). They're offered from time to time. 

  Know More about Meta-State Engineering.

I have blog on "Meta-State Engineering". My research towards Doctor of High Education (Ed.D) deals with this area/topic.

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Best regards,

Ir. Dr. Anuar Kasa
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