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To interact or not to interact: Why students print interactive Instructional Multimedia? Problem of Reading or Reviewing?

Mohamamd Ali Rostaminezhad


Interactive digital Learning objects is a core of eLearning systems. Although multimedia learning theory support learning via multimedia. Surprisingly, observations imply that a significant number of students change interactive learning objects to static printed text. The aim of this study is to find what factor(s) influence changing interactive learning objects to print. To achieve the goal, a survey conducted in Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) E-Learning Centre. Qualitative content analysis revealed "reviewing problem" as a main theme. To find key factors related to the problem, 169 online learners voluntary answered an online questionnaire. To analyse quantitative data Educational Data Mining (EDM) were used. Finding from the decision tree and rule induction that conducted by WEKA, revealed the "problem of reviewing" is the most important factor that interpret student behaviour in printing interactive digital learning objects.


multimedia reading; screen reading; learning object; Electronic book; interactive learning


Multimedia and Usability