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An Analysis of Winning Streak's Effects in Language Course of "Duolingo"

Duy Huynh, Hiroyuki Iida


This paper explores the effects of the winning streak on users' motivation and engagement in Duolingo's language course. The winning streak has been used in sport and video games to describe a consecutive number of successful actions and increase players' attention to complete their goal. Similarly, in gamified education system, the winning streak is employed as a game element to boost up motivation of learners. By applying game refinement theory as an assessment method, enjoyment of two user groups in Duolingo is measured to compare. The results indicate that the winning streak can boost up learners' motivation and attention to complete their goals. It also expressed that the winning streak is more significant for advanced learners who are in the high level of milestone than those who are in the low level of milestone.


Duolingo; gamified learning platform; game in education;winning streak; game refinement theory; attractiveness; game progress model


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