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Usability Criteria Enhancement Factors for Malaysian Government Portal

Wan Siti Nur'ain Omar, Tengku Siti Meriam Tengku Wook


Internet is the in-trend of aquiring knowledge and informations especially for services from various government agencies. Thus, the focus on quality of the portal interface in ensuring smoothest and flexibility of user interaction is highly important. Usability issue that arise on development phases does affect the user interface functions. Developers that refuse to comply with usability guidelines, complex references and having limited existing criterias has been the causes of failure in achieving a desireable and usable design. In order to strengthen the model of usable criterias, a research on improving the existing guidelines was develop to find solutions resolving these issues. Seven new usability criterias; Suitability and Functionality, Guide and Support, Recovery and Error, Stability and Control, Hardware and Software, Assessment and Design Process, also Confidentiality. These criterias are also not listed as the compulsory criterias compliance by law enforcement agency and it is expected to influence the current usability portal design of public sector.


Usability Model; Usability Guidelines; Interface Design; Government Portal.