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MMORPG Game Framework Based on Learning Style for Learning Computer Netwoking

Mercy Trinovianti Mulyadi, Nor Azan Mat Zin


The widespread use of computer networks and high demand for computer networking skills in business and industry led to computer networking courses becoming popular in higher education institutions. However, conventional learning has not succeeded in developing the understanding and relevant skills at the expected level. Students' performance in computer networking courses has shown a significant drop. Preliminary survey found that majority of students feel that the teachings do not match their learning styles, so boredom seems to be the main cause of decreasing performances. Therefore, this study aims to examine the effectiveness of using a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) designed based on learning styles in motivating and helping the learning of Computer Network courses. The objectives of the study are to develop a Computer Network course learning framework using online games that take into account student's learning style, verifying and validating the framework through implementation in game prototype and assessing student acceptance of the game. The IPGame prototype designed based on constructivism, adult learning, flow and engagement theories and scaffolding techniques was developed, while the learning styles used are sequential and global. The results showed that the game has a high motivational value to students and thus the framework can be used to guide development of educational games with similar content.


Digital Game Based Learning (DGBL), learning styles, Computer Networking, WarCraft III


Multimedia and Usability