The Asia-Pacific region has been the world’s hotspot of economic development and innovation in terms of science and technology over recent decades. At the same time, the region continues to be highly exposed and vulnerable to disasters. Science and technology-based DRR was a priority in the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action in the region. UNDRR established the Asian Science Technology and Academia Advisory Group (ASTAAG), shortly after the adoption of the Sendai Framework in 2015 to achieve the relevant objectives of the Framework in the region. This has been expanded to the Asia Pacific Science Technology and Academia Advisory Group (APSTAAG) in 2019.


At the Sixth Asian Ministerial Conference on DRR (AMCDRR) in 2014, the Science Technology Academia Stakeholder Group made a series of commitments to: (a) promote a holistic, science-based approach towards community resilience; (b) support the use of science and technology advancements through increased earth observation; (c) develop course curriculum and promote higher education in DRR; and (d) promote community- and problem-based implementation research.