Welcome to The 2014 Asia BioHyLinks (ABHL) meeting: Asia Biohydrogen and Biorefinery (ABB) Symposium

The Asia BioHyLinks (ABHL) association was established to enhance the multilateral understanding of biohydrogen research among the Asian countries. The objective of the ABBS is to develop a blue-print for hydrogen production from biomass, which includes dark fermentation, photo-fermentation, gas upgrading, system integration, and related subjects as logistics, societal integration, and education. The ABHL association also organizes an Annual Symposium to promote technical and scientific exchange in the fields of bio-hydrogen processes between the academic and industrial sectors in the Asian countries.

The 2014 symposium is called Asia Biohydrogen and Biorefinery (ABB) Symposium with as theme “Strengthening Opportunities for Biohydrogen and Biorefinery”.  Hence, this symposium offers a focus not only limited to biohydrogen field but also including the biorefinery approach. This integration will provide a competitive advantages since it targets for maximum efficiency in biomass utilization to optimize the production of renewable energy such as biohydrogen and other carbonaceous chemicals.

In conjunction with this symposium, there will be  an ABHL Meeting. Please visit the website below for further details of previous ABHL meetings.

Click here –> ABHL Meeting

2014 ABB  Symposium Objectives:

  1. To strengthen asian network in biohydrogen and biorefinery.
  2. To share advances in biohydrogen and biorefinery research and development worldwide.