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Research Niche

1) Malay Language, Literature & Linguistics b_persuratan

2) Philosophy, Thought, and Malay Epistemology b_epistemologi


  1. Malay Language as a Medium of Knowledge and Unity
  2. The Lingua Franca of the Malay Archipelago
  3. Malay Literature: Oral and Modern
  4. Linguistics in the Malay World
  5. Malay World Manuscripts Studies
  1. Theory Construction of the Malay world
  2. History of Thought and Civilization
  3. Metaphysical and Scientific of Thought in the Malay World
  4. Theories of Malay Life, Environment, and Settlement

 3) Archaeology, History and Malay Cultureb_arkeologi

 4) Ethno-Science and Technology

  1. Land Archaeology
  2.  Marine Archaeology
  3. History
  4. Music in the Malay World
  5. Traditional Human rights
  6. Malay Martial Arts
  7. Malay Costumes
  1. Ethno-science
  2. Ethno-technology
  3. Ethno-mathematics
  4. Herbs and Gastronomy
  5. Engineering in the Malay World
  6. Malay Architecture and Landscape
  7. Malay World Medicine
  8. Navigation and Water Technology

 5) Education and Leadership in the Malay World

6) Malay Economy and Community Development

  1. Malay World Sultanate
  2. Malay Political Leadership
  3. Mainstream Education
  4. Pondok Education in the Malay World
  5. Management & Administration in the Malay World
  1. Banking in the Malay World
  2. Migration and population
  3. Finance
  4. Economic History
  5. Economic, Social and Cultural Transformation of the Coastal Malay

Mode of Study: Research
Registration Status: Full Time & Part Time