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School of Biosciences and Biotechnology

Prof. Dr. Wan Kiew Lian

Email: Phone: Tel: +6 03 89215997 I Fax: +6 0389252698

Current Position: Professor

Specialisation: Molecular parasitology & Genomics of tropical resources


SmSn (UKMalaysia), PhD (Cambridge)

Areas of Research
Sequencing and analysis of genomes of Eimeria species
Sequencing and analysis of genomes from tropical organism

Publications Journals

1. Reid, A.J., Blake, D.P., Ansari, H.R., Billington, K., Browne, H.P., Bryant, J., Dunn, M., Hung, S.S., Kawahara, F., Miranda-Saavedra, D., Malas, T.B., Mourier, T., Naghra, H., Nair, M., Otto, T.D., Rawlings, N.D., Rivailler, P., Sanchez-Flores, A., Sanders, M., Subramaniam, C., Tay, Y.-L., Woo, Y., Wu, X., Barrell, B., Dear, P.H., Doerig, C., Gruber, A., Ivens, A.C., Parkinson, J., Rajandream, M.-A., Shirley, M.W., Wan, K.-L., Berriman, M., Tomley, F.M. & Pain, A. 2014. Genomic analysis of the causative agents of coccidiosis in domestic chickens. Genome RESEARCH 24: 1676-1685.

2. Haji Adam, J., Mohamed, R., Juhari, M.A.A., Nik Ariff, N.N.F. & Wan, K.-L. 2013. Rafflesia sharifah-hapsahiae (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Peninsular Malaysia. Turkish Journal of Botany 37: 1038-1044.

3. Lim, L.-S., Tay, Y.-L., Alias, H., Wan, K.-L. & Dear, P.H. 2012. Insights into the genome structure and copy-number variation of Eimeria tenella. BMC Genomics 13: 389. ISSN 1471-2164.

3. Amiruddin, N., Lee, X.-W., Blake, D.P., Suzuki, Y., Tay, Y.-L., Lim, L.-S., Tomley, F.M., Watanabe, J., Sugimoto, C. & Wan, K.-L. 2012. Characterisation of full-length cDNA sequences provides insights into the Eimeria tenella transcriptome. BMC Genomics 13: 21.

4. Chow, K.-S., Mat-Isa, M.-N., Bahari, A., Ghazali, A.-K., Alias, H., Mohd.-Zainuddin, Z., Hoh, C.-C. & Wan, K.-L. 2012. Metabolic routes affecting rubber biosynthesis in Hevea brasiliensis latex. Journal of Experimental Botany 63: 1863-1871.

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