Prof. Dr. Dzuraidah Abd Wahab

03-8921-6118 dzuraidah@ukm.edu.my


  • Design for Sustainability
  • Remanufacturing
  • Life Cycle Engineering
  • Applications of AI and Additive Manufacturing in Remanufacturing

Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahrum Abdullah

03-8921-6104 shahrum@ukm.edu.my

Sub-Field: Vehicle Reliability and Safety
  • Expertise in Fatigue Life Assessment, Durability and Failure Analysis, Damage Mechanics, Signal Analysis

Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahrir Abdullah

03-8911-8409 shahrir@ukm.edu.my


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Energy Conversion and Recovery
  • Thermal Systems and Management
  • Engineering Education

Prof. Ir. Dr. Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Ihsan

03-8911-8415 kamal@eng.ukm.my


  • Computational Solid & Powder Mechanics
  • Computational Fracture Mechanics
  • Computational Corrosion
  • Finite/Boundary/Discrete Element Methods
  • Parallel Computation

Dr. Molla Shahadat Hossain Lipu

03-8921-6328 hannan@eng.ukm.my

Sub-Field: Electric Mobility and Intelligent Vehicle Technologies
  • Expertise in Battery Energy Storage, Renewable energy, Power Electronics, Machine Learning, Optimization

Prof. Dr. Prakash Thamburaja

03-8911-8375 p.thamburaja@ukm.edu.my


  • Continuum mechanics-based constitutive models for solids using (crystal) plasticity theory
  • Modeling of dissipative processes in solids
  • Usage and development of computational solid mechanics tools.

Prof. Dr. Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman

03-8921 6449 mnizam@ukm.edu.my


  • Quality and Operations Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Risk Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Zaki Nuawi

03-8921-6507 mzn@ukm.edu.my


  • Acoustics and Vibration
  • Condition-based Monitoring
  • Machining Condition Monitoring
  • Mechanical Signal Analysis

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah

03-8911-8376 zmn@ukm.edu.my


  • Operations Research
  • Optimization
  • Multi-objective optimization evolutionary algorithm

Ir. Dr. Zambri Harun

03-8921-6518 zambri@ukm.edu.my

Sub-Field: End of Life Vehicle Remanufacturing and Recycling
  • Expertise in Turbulence, Boundary layer and atmospheric boundary layer, Urban heat island (UHI), Renewable energy, End-of-life vehicle (ELV)

Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Rizauddin Ramli

03-8921-7022 rizauddin@eng.ukm.my


  • Rehabilitation Robot
  • Adaptive Control
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Robot Operating System

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Afida Ayob

03-8911 8404 afida.ayob@ukm.edu.my


  • Power Electronics
  • Energy Management
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Smart System
  • Internet of Things (IOT)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Fadzilah Abdullah

03-8921 6309 fadzilah.abdullah@ukm.edu.my


  • Wireless Communication

Ts. Dr. Mohd Radzi Abu Mansor

03-8921-6519 radzi@ukm.edu.my


  • Energy and Combustion, (Internal Combustion Engine, Clean Energy Conversion & Environment, Combustion Science and Technology, Renewable Energy)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD of high-speed unsteady jet, CFD of in-cylinder combustion)

Ts. Dr. Muhammad Ammirrul Atiqi bin Mohd Zainuri

03-8921 6203 ammirrulatiqi@ukm.edu.my


  • Power Electronics
  • Power Quality
  • Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy System (Solar PV, Wind and Agriculture Photovoltaic)
  • Fault Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Electric Vehicle (E-Mobility)

Dr. Abdul Hadi Azman

03-8911 8405 hadi.azman@ukm.edu.my


  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering Design

Dr. Salvinder Singh

03-8911 8117 salvinder@ukm.edu.my


  • Fatigue Reliability
  • Durability Assessment
  • Reliability Analysis

Dr. Ahmad Asrul Ibrahim

03-8921 6614 ahmadasrul@ukm.edu.my


  • Smart Grid Operation and Planning
  • Wide Area Monitoring Systems
  • Power Systems Reliability
  • Advanced Power Systems Modelling

Dr. Muhamad Alias Md Jedi

03-8911 8367 aliasjedi@ukm.edu.my


  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Data Analytics

Dr.-Ing Nor Kamaliana Khamis

03-8921 6502 kamaliana@ukm.edu.my


  • Ergonomics
  • Road Safety
  • Occupational Safety

Dr. Nizaroyani Saibani

03-8921 6523 nizar@ukm.edu.my


  • Reverse Supply Chain
  • Performance Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Dr. Hawa Hishamuddin

03-8921 6516 hawa7@ukm.edu.my


  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Disruption Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research

Mr. Azli Arifin

03-8921-6775 azli@eng.ukm.my


  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Metal Magnetic Memory Analysis

Mr. Azhari Shamsudeen

03-8921-6597 azharibs@ukm.edu.my
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