Computational and Simulation Laboratory

In general, the activities of computational and simulation group in the centre is focuses on engine dynamic simulation and internal combustion engine simulation based on CFD and FEA analysis.


The research on automotive engine simulation has been ongoing during the previous project namely “CNGDI Engine and Transmission” on year 2002 sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through the IRPA PR grant. In this research project, our group was concentrate on Combustion and Ignition Studies of the CNGDI Automotive Engine. Until year 2009, many research projects on CFD and FEA simulation was obtain from government grant for example; simulation on engine piston for high temperature and pressures, spark-plug injector and concept car simulation.

Furthermore, the simulation facilities in term of simulation software and high performance computers in the Computational and Simulation Lab at the CAR will provide capable opportunities for researchers and engineers to investigate the behavior of engine components and systems. Computer modeling and simulation can now be used to eliminate many costly physical prototypes, shorten the development portion of the product lifecycle, and thus allow time for many more “what-if” examinations of design alternatives, looking further “outside the box” for really innovative product ideas.


In CFD and FEA, modeling decisions are always necessary in regards to scale, boundary conditions, loading, or a combination of all three. The second type of simulation is based on computation and it involves creating a mathematical model of the system under consideration, solving the equations governing the physical behavior represented by the model, and interpreting the results within the assumptions of the model.


In terms of engine design, the CAD model of engine components is developed using CATIA V5 software and the simulation was done using high-ends software such as Star-CD, es-ICE, ModeFrontier (optimization design), MSC.Patran, MSC.Nastran, MSC.Marc, MSC.ADAMS, COMSOL Multiphysic, MatLab and Lotus Engine Simulation Software.

Engine Dynamic Simulation

Moving Mesh Generation

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