Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1

Professor Dr. Aidy Ali
Faculty of Engineering, National Defence University of Malaysia

Title: Fracture properties of hybrid woven bamboo/woven e-glass fiber


Aidy Ali is a Professor of mechanical Engineering at National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM). He received his Master Degree in Manufacturing System Engineering from Universiti Kebangsaan, 2002. He then pursued his Ph.D degree research on improving fatigue life of aircraft components by using surface engineering at The University of Sheffield, UK. He was awarded a Ph.D degree in 2006. He then appointed as lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2006, promoted to Senior lecturer in 2008, promoted to Associate Professor in 2010, appointed as Professor in 2012. Professor Aidy has more than 17 years of experienced in research and teaching in the field of mechanical especially in Mechanical Fatigue and Fracture of Materials. He has published more than 130 journals in scopus and ISI indexed, 19 books, and secure more than 24 research grants. He has graduated 16 Ph.D. Students, 36 Master Students by research. Prof Aidy will present the latest findings on Fracture and Fatigue of Hybrid Laminated Bamboo/ E glass Fibre composites towards improving strength to weight reduction ratio. The latest achievement is the strength of his developed bamboo composites are equivalent with a steel.


 Keynote 2

Mr. Ammar Tajuddin
Senior Engineer – Fatigue & Damage Tolerance
STRAND Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Ammar is a registered engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Meng) with close to 10 years of working experience in the aerospace and railway industry. He was involved in the design and manufacturing of aircraft structural parts and components specializing in Fatigue and Damage Tolerance (F&DT) Analysis. A key milestone in his career was leading a team of engineers as part of the global development team for the Airbus A350-XWB Wing Leading Edge, of which the aircraft is now in revenue service. He has been working closely with Airbus and its tier 1 suppliers in the UK for the past 5 years.

Title: Living with Cracks – A Perspective on the Damage Tolerant Approach to Aircraft Structural Design

A presentation of the current industry standard Damage Tolerant approach to aircraft structural design, including the historical background to the development of the methodology and the regulation behind it.  The talk will address the progress from the safe-life (safety by retirement) approach used in early civil aviation to the current damage tolerance (safety by inspection) philosophy by way of a number of key air accident case studies. Fail-Safe (safety by redundancy) will also be covered. The talk will give the attendees an understanding of the process by which aircraft structures are designed and certified as safe to fly, the structural categorisation used, and how inspection plans are formed. The use of standard fatigue and crack growth methodologies to validate a design will be discussed, along with the key inspection methods.


Keynote 3

Manuel Raj Winston Vigil – Siemens Industry Software Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Title: Addressing Automotive Engineering Challenges in Composite Development by Simulation


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