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The activities of Computational & Experimental Mechanics Research in the Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, UKM covers both numerical and experimental approaches to mechanics research focusing on Computational Modeling of Materials, Metal Processing, Engineering Components and Structures, Fatigue & Crack, Techniques and Software Tools for Computational Mechanics, Techniques and Tools on Parallel Processing.


Research is primarily focused on numerical and experimental studies of solids, fluids and related areas.  Research interests are in


·     Computational and experimental fracture mechanics

·     Computational and experimental powder mechanics

·     Computational laminated composite mechanics

·     Computational contact mechanics

·     Computational mechanics of materials

·     Computational fluid dynamics


Finite element computation is the most popular numerical technique for engineers and scientists.  With the use of high-performance computers, the tool has greatly widened the scope of engineering problems amenable to numerical analysis.  In looking at trends, the need for numerical simulation is increasing because it is one of the most powerful tools in developing a deeper understanding of the effects of variables on a system.  Empirical and experimental methods are expensive and considered as a complement or validate of the simulation.


Contact person;

Ahmad Kamal Ariffin

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