Apresiasi Seni: Travelogue: The Inception (Solo Exhibition)

Apresiasi Seni UKM: Travelogue: The Inception by Carlos Nizam (Solo Exhibition)

19 September – 22 Oktober 2011

Galeri Seni UKM Aras 3, Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 43600 Bangi

For more info: Amar B. (T) 03 8921 4740   (F) 03 8925 8810   (E) amar@ukm.my


Carlos Nizam (Khairul Nizam Noormi), the photographer. He started off shooting pictures as a pastime with a simple digital camera. Slowly, the pastime evolved into an addiction that he now invests full time as his career. The baby steps that he took were as a photographer for a car magazine. This provided him with the skills and training to compose still shots from cars that were moving at great speeds or performing stunts. Later on, the company branched off into producing television programs on cars, and he was elected as director of photography. It was a totally different field, yet he loved the new job requirements as he got to expand his knowledge about action and movement shots. Sometime later, he took another bold step and ventured into wedding photography. He had the golden opportunity to shoot  some really heart-warming love stories, both locally in Malaysia and over the seas to Fiji, Taiwan, Singapore etc.

To be exact, it should be about how he perceive the world through his lens. It could have been when he was in university or maybe slightly earlier than that. The timeline is hazy but what he remembers most was the adrenaline rush he had, when he realized that he could express himself best through the pictures he took with my digital camera. And thus, the addiction began. Slowly, he saved up enough money to buy himself a DSLR and his first one was a Nikon D70.  The first few steps were harsh but he feels very lucky to have great mentors around him that keep him in check.  He started out on his own earlier this year.

Besides shooting for events, he travels to immortalize cultures abroad into images. He frequently heads to Japan because of its unique blend of traditional and modern elements. Indonesia is also a personally favorite but wherever the place is, each spot on earth that he has tread on has a sentimental place in his heart. Not only because of the breathtaking sights that he managed to capture but the people that he met and have grown to love and he hope to share his experiences through this exhibition.

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