RM2 Million – < RM20 Million


⇒Space or collection in the library is named after the contributor’s name

⇒ Information Skills Course and Information Package services

⇒The name of the contributor is enshrined in the Endowment Fund plaque ü

⇒ Honorary Membership of the UKM Library and lifetime membership card to family members

⇒ Honorary Membership (corporate) of the UKM library agencies with a membership card throughout the period of the existence of institutions

⇒ Endowmend Fund expenses information will be notified annually

⇒ List of contributors included in UKM Library website

⇒ The latest service consists of e-journals or databases subscribed by the library for each year will be notified

⇒ Letter of appreciation the contribution statements every year

⇒ Income tax exemption

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