Discussion Room Opening Ceremony

Library Endowment Fund has benefited the consumers for session of discussion or debate. Accordingly, a total of 27 discussion rooms  has been upgraded by use the allocation contributed by 13 individuals, eight groups of individuals and four companies.

In the realization of this project, the Library Endowment Fund has been used as a precursor to finance the cost of upgrading a discussion. There is also a contributor that provide sponsorship at once. As for contributors who troll for deductions, contributions are included in the accounts of the Library Endowment Fund that administered by the UKM’s Treasury Department.

On May 12, 2016, UKM’s  Vice Chancellor inaugurated the Library Board Room, which was upgraded in stages beginning in March 2015.

One of the upgraded discussion room has been named the Ayob Sampul the grandfather of Prof. Noor Azlan in recognition of his service in educating young people and meritorious in education some time ago.


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