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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) was acknowledged by the Malaysian Government as Research University on 11th October 2006. As research university, among its roles are to generate, absorb and adapt global knowledge to gain new knowledge, ideas, creativity and high quality innovation through technology transfer. To achieve this, eight research niches were developed. Drug Discovery and Development Research Group is under the Natural Products Cluster which belongs to the Health Technology and Medicine Niche.

Malaysia is one of the gold mines of natural products derived from natural resources owing to the richness of Malaysian tropical flora and fauna. Natural bioresources play an important role in health care industry as medicinal plants and animal products have long been known for their therapeutic and curative properties for variety of ailments. Bioactive components obtained from these bioresources have been used widely for general well being and nutritional purposes. However, despite their beneficial properties, these products are not free from toxicity and unwanted effects. Hence, the need to obtain scientific data with regard to quality, safety and efficacy of these products is increasingly in demand as more people are opting for medicinal plants and animal products as complementary medicines and health supplements.

Scientists of the DDDRG realised that many of these valuable commodities still left undiscovered and hence inspired them to venture into this frontier. Various natural product research activities are ongoing in the DDDRG laboratories. Among them are extraction and isolation, determination of various bioactivities, establishment of standardisation procedures, structure activity relationship and rational modification and synthesis of active compounds.

To become a pacesetter in drug discovery and development research based on bioactive natural products.

Drug Discovery and Development Research Group focuses on the identification of chemical leads from tropical flora and fauna for specific therapeutic efficacy leading to the development of new drug candidates against complex and challenging drug targets prior to clinical trials and evaluation of herbs and their products for quality, safety and efficacy as therapeutic agents.

1. To discover lead structures from natural product for development into various therapeutic agents through bioassay-guided isolation and structure-activity relationships.
2. To evaluate herbal raw materials and products for their quality, safety and efficacy.

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