Research Spotlight:

Measuring Destructive Winds

Every year, the North East Monsoon which usually brings heavy rain and strong winds are cautiously observed by a lot of people especially in the East side of Peninsular Malaysia and the coastal towns and cities of Sabah and Sarawak. The North East Monsoon winds bring destructions by direct hits to properties and crops. The large waves also caused many beaches to be closed. Tourism and fishing activities usually hard hit especially in the most affected months i.e. December and January. This research contains a unique way to measure the strength of the wind by approximating the shear stress in the most prominent section of the winds i.e. the inner region of the winds. The approximation could be calculated by using the log-law of the wall. For this, wind speed and turbulence measuring device will have to be installed. The EKOMAR facility weather pole, which measures 60m in height, will be used to measure the flow statistics. The flow statistics will be compared with a laboratory-scale measurement, which is also available at UKM main campus. The results from the research might explain the presence of large waves and destructives winds near the coastal lines.


Contributed by:

Ir. Zambri Harun, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rozli Zulkifli and Mr. Eslam Reda Lotfy

Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, UKM

Ir. Zambri Harun (far right) with some of the research team at the EKOMAR marine station, Mersing