EKOMAR researchers will focus on four main areas within the first five-year period based on the existing research strengths and current local needs.


Four research target areas are as follows:
Marine biological diversity and conservation
Oceanography and exploration
Regional development
Health and education

Apart from the four main fields above, there are also other common fields that are interrelated. Thus, EKOMAR also emphasizes on shared common fields known as sub-fields.

Several sub-fields have also been identified based on the natural resources available, socio-economic activities of the local community and geographical features, comprising coastlines and islands. Among the sub-fields that have good potential and will be focused on are:

  • Marine biological diversity
  • Socio cultural heritage
  • Oceanography
  • Resource prospecting/marine products for health
  • Management of marine products, processing, safety and quality
  • Environment, ecology, settlement and social wellbeing
  • Environmental education and awareness
  • Method development : strategies and analysis
  • Modelling and mapping
  • Marine archeology