Organization Chart of the Faculty


Guidance :

 1. Dean (Prof. Dr Norman Mohd Saleh)   2. Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation (Prof. Madya Dr. Tamat Sarmidi)  3. Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Affairs (Prof. Dr. Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul)  4. Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Affairs (Prof. Madya Dr. Sofiah Auzair)  5. Deputy Dean for Relations and Income Generation (Prof. Madya Dr. Md Daud Ismail)  6. Assistant Dean for Students and Alumni (Dr. Mustazar Mansur)  7. Assistant Dean for Entrepreneurship and Creativity (Prof. Madya Dr. Norazuan Hashim)  8. Assistant Dean for Teaching and Citra (Dr. Kamarul Baraini Keliwon)  9. Assistant Dean for Quality and Strategy (Dr. Yusasniza Mohd Yunus)  10. Chair of Inclusive and Sustainable Development Center (Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi)  11. Chair of Value Creation and Human Well-being Center (Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Nor Liza Abdullah)  12. Chair of Global Business and Digital Economy Center (Prof. Dr. Aini Aman)  13. Chair of Governance Resilience and Accountability Center (Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamat Sabri Hassan)  14. Manager (En. Anthony Ulek Anak Jeti)  15. Executive (Pn. Siti Nora Mhd Isa)  16. Executive  (Pn. Rafidah Abdul Aziz)  17. Social Research Officer (Cik. Nursyahidah Shahabuddin)  18. Social Research Officer (Cik. Siti Noor Kamaliah Mat Jusoh)