Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This programme aims to provide candidate from various disciplines with the skills to explore, create, and exploit opportunities in start-up ventures or existing organizations. Theprogramme has been comprehensively developed based on the triple helix concept by integrating experts from university, industry/entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial support agency. Thus, this programme can become an avenue for students to exchange ideas on business environments, specifically on entrepreneurship and innovation. Moreover, this program is conducted through a workshop approach enabling students to pursue work and at the same time engage in the business of their choice, either a technology-based, social or creative enterprise. Appropriate learning modes such as case studies, role play, entrepreneur engagement, seminars and online learning tools are used for students to follow the programme effectively and conveniently.

Programme Goals

The goals of the programme are to:

  1. produce graduates who are capable of managing change and exploiting opportunities in start-up ventures or existing organizations.
  2. provide cross-disciplinary knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation among graduates.
  3. instil entrepreneurial leadership and innovation in solving complex problems in the business world.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding within the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  2. Apply the knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation in solving problems in a new environment and cross-disciplinary.
  3. Integrate and synthesize knowledge about entrepreneurship through the acquisition and retention of business networks as well as the implementation of the business plan.
  4. Identify issues and solutions through research by considering social responsibility and ethical aspects.
  5. Demonstrate skills and ability to work independently and collectively in completing an assigned task
  6. Integrate theory and practical aspects of advanced learning stage and lifelong learning to prepare for business environment.

Admission Requirements

Entry requirements are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s degree with honours and with a good Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from UKM or any higher learning institution recognized by the UKM Senate; or
  2. Other qualification(s) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree with honours and with a good from UKM of any higher learning institution recognized by the UKM Senate;
  3. full profesional qualification equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and recognized by the UKM Senate; and
  4. fulfills other requirements prescribed by the programme or Faculty;
  5. An international candidate from a country that are not using English as official language shall obtain a minimum TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS band 6 or other English proficiency examination recognized by the UKM Senate.

Type of Registration and Period of Study

  1. Full time studies (three (3) to four (4) semesters)*
  2. Part time studies (three (3) to six (6) semesters)*

*All courses will be conducted on weekdays and during working hours.

Programme Structure

Student must successfully complete and pass all the 40 credits core courses in the programme including the preparation of capstone project on Planning and Starting a Business.

List of Courses

  1. Core Courses (40 credits)
    • EPPK6014 Theory, Process and Practice of Entrepreneurship
    • EPPK6024 Finance and Accounting Entrepreneurship
    • EPPK6054 Law for Business
    • EPPK6113 Marketing for Small and Medium Business
    • EPPK6094 Business Plan for New Enterprise
    • EPPK6073 Entrepreneurial Image
    • EPPK6083 Quality Management and Integrated Project
    • EPPK6034 Innovation and Creativity in Business
    • EPPK6103 Value and Supply Chain Management
    • EPPK6043 Human Resource Management for Small and Medium Business
    • EPPK6065 Planning and Starting a Business- Caps Stone Project
  2. Malay Language Courses
    International candidates shall register and pass Malay Languange Courses as part of graduation requirement as prescribed by the UKM.

    • ZZZM1013 Bahasa Melayu as Foreign Language I
    • ZZZM1023 Bahasa Melayu as Foreign Language II

Graduation Requirements

Requirements for Conferment of Degree are as follows:

  1. Pass and achieve a final CGPA of ≥ 3.00;
  2. Complete the required number of kredits for the programme; and
  3. Fulfills any other conditions prescribed by the University.


  • September (application is opened in April)
  • February (application is opened in October)


Online application via
*Application fees for Malaysian is RM30.00 / International applicant is USD30 or RM100.00

Tuition Fees

Full Time OnlyFull Time Only
Registration (one time only)1,0101,410
Services and Activities420660
Tuition Fees1,4353,200
Subsequent semesters1,8553,860
TOTAL FEES6,5759,130
(3 semesters)(3 semesters)

If you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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