Vision, Mission and Objective


The Faculty of Islamic Studies aims to be at the forefront in producing graduates who are faithful, righteous, morally upright, creative, proactive and global-minded.


To be the chosen university which upholds the Malay language as well as globalizes nationally moulded knowledge.


Based on current needs, religious and national interests and in line with the Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF), the Faculty of Islamic Studies established the following objectives:

  1. Graduates who are faithful, righteous, expert in Islamic knowledge and able to apply it.
  2. Graduates with high moral character who are adept in communication, able to cooperate and possess professionalism.
  3. Graduates who are critical thinkers in solving social problems and capable of making the right decisions.
  4. Graduates who are capable of exploring the corporate, technocrat, entrepreneurial sectors as well as science and technology.