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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Head of Undergraduate Programme

Dr. Arena Che Kasim

Expertise: Islamic Psychology, Spiritual, Ethics and Morality

Prof. Madya Dr. Jamaluddin Aziz

Expertise : Cultural & Media Studies, Film Studies

Dr. Maizatul Haizan Mahbob

Expertise: Organizational Communication, Development Communication

Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Takiyuddin Ismail

Expertise : Political Thought (Conservatism), Politics of Reform, Democratization, US Hegemony

Dr. Ahmad Ali Seman

Expertise: Sejarah Awal Dan Moden Jepun, Pengantar Dan Metodologi Sejarah, Sejarah Asia Pasifik, Pendidikan Sejarah Malaysia

Dr. Farizal Bin Mohd Razalli

Expertise : Energy security, IR leadership, regionalism

Dr. Ezarina Zakaria

Expertise : Social Work & Inter-agencies Practice, Drug Addiction and HIV/AIDS Prevention,   Marginalised Groups and HIV/AIDS Social Impact Study

Associate Professor Dr. Nor Ba’yah Abdul Kadir

Expertise : Health and Social Care (Psychology)

Dr. Zubir Idris

Expertise : Traditional Malay Literature (Malay Manuscript & Malay Historiography)

Prof. Madya Dr. Karim Harun

Expertise : Experimental Phonetics, Phonology & Malay Dialectology

Dr. Mimi Hanida Abdul Mutalib

Expertise : Religion Anthropology

Dr. Mokhtar Jaafar

Expertise : Kajian Guna Tanah, Geomorfologi, Kajian Kepenggunaan Tanah, Aplikasi GIS

Associate Professor Dr. Suhana Saad

Expertise : Political Sociology

Associate Professor Dr. Fazal Mohamed B. Mohamed Sultan

Expertise : Syntax

Dr. Kemboja Ismail

Expertise : Applied Linguistics

Dr. Shahizah Ismail @ Amdan

Expertise : Humanistic Science Fiction, Literature and Popular Culture