Poster Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines to make sure your poster is readable:

  1. Poster can be either in English or Malay.
  2. Poster size must be in A1 (59.4 cm x84.1cm) Portrait.
  3. Resolution must be 300dpi.
  4. Use the bottom space of the poster for student and supervisor’s names (refer to sample poster).
    put IVI and UKM’s logo at the top of the poster (refer to sample poster). High resolution IVI logo can be obtained here.
  5. Use dark text on a light background. This is very important to make the poster readable.
  6. Do not use textured background.
  7. Do not use image as a background.
  8. Only use Arial font.
  9. Font size for content: 22-24
  10. Font size for headings: 36
  11. Use original graphic files made using vector graphic software.
  12. Do not cut or print screen images from the thesis or elsewhere and paste them in the poster.