ASASIpintar (Pre-univ)


ASASIpintar is a pre-university program for candidates who are interested in gaining admission to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Approved in 2011 by the Ministry of Higher Education, and was initially offered in Mei 2012, this programme emphasizes on the holistic development of students which includes physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social aspects.

Students are exposed to advanced courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics, which are very much like first-year university courses.

Moreover, students are also exposed to the basics of doing research in their chosen area of interest. Among the aims of this pre-university program are to offer a program that is in line with the needs of Malaysia as an industrialized nation by the year 2020, and to offer a program that provides the best educational experiences for gifted and talented students.


The environment where people are very intellectually alike has made me feel ‘normal’ for once. I can geek around with my friends talking about ideas and scientific theories during lunchtime. I also learnt a lot of life lessons from volunteering work, teamwork and handling events while I was there. In all, spending I year at ASASIpintar is a choice I would never regret.

Justin Aizad
University of Edinburgh
ASASIpintar 2014-15


My one year in ASASIpintar was one of the best years in my life. Being among those talented & gifted students taught me what “knowledge” really is and to love & seek for more knowledge. ASASIpintar also taught me to be creative & competitive at the same time.

Safwan Ibrahim
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
ASASIpintar 2014-15

.. the friendly, academic-stimulating and exciting learning atmosphere in ASASIpintar will definitely prepare you well for your university life and challenges ahead!

Teo Miou Jing
University of Edinburgh
ASASIpintar 2014-15

ASASIpintar Brochure

For Further Information Please Contact:

Head of Department,

ASASIpintar Programme

GENIUS@Pintar Centre

The National University of Malaysia, 43600

Bangi, Malaysia.


Contact No. : 03-89217505/7513 / 7515 / 7517 / 7518

Faxsimili: 03-89217525