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The Academy of Leadership & Management or ALAM, is committed and dedicated to developing excellent leaders and managers in facing global challenges. ALAM intends to lead the industry by delivering excellent academic and industrial education, addressing the knowledge and skills gap, and developing the next generation of skilled and capable leaders and managers through lifelong learning programmes. ALAM scope of responsibilities and services include the development and management of the following programmes:


ALAM provides flexible and industrial-relevant training programmes to public sectors and market practitioners in the private sectors. The programmes include Advance Leadership and Management programme targeted at senior or top leadership of an organisation and is geared more towards realising the full leadership potential of current senior management. Executive Development Programme will feature English as Business Language, Leadership Development Programme and Project Management Programme. Additionally, Capital Market Certification Programme (CMCP) jointly conducted by GSB and RAM Holdings will be introduced to bridge the gap between tertiary knowledge and practical real-world experience of the capital market.


Our projects are managed by students as part of their practical learning experiences. Under CSR Project initiative, ALAM is embarking on a Poverty Alleviation Project called ALIPH or Asnaf life improvement and personal enhancement programme, and a global CSR programme in collaboration with MERCY Malaysia. ALAM’s major event for next year will include the FUTURE Exposition that will bring together companies with major technological innovations from all over the world for a great opportunity to have a glimpse of future technology that drives change. Additionally, 360° Leadership is an on-going event where GSB will invite several prominent CEOs and industry leaders for experiential engagement session with students.


ALAM offers consultancy services in the area of social and business management to both public and private sectors given the many experts available within the faculty of UKM-GSB and industry partners. ALAM’s consultancy approach is by analysing client’s requirements and developing and applying effective business solutions to close the strategy execution gap resulting in quantifiable bottom line results.


ALAM will publish several publications to reflect the role of GSB in scholarly research and transfer of knowledge. The main academic publication will be bi-annual management review magazine consisted of scholarly research articles, literature reviews, case studies and management analysis from faculty members or external academicians. ALAM also plans to publish a quarterly semi-academic magazine targeted at industry practitioners and academicians, in the shape of research findings on new management insights and articles on contemporary business management issues. Additionally, ALAM will publish periodicals and other topical publications covering financial and developmental economics as and when necessary.