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A core competency of any organization be it business or non-business, profit oriented or non-profit oriented, private sector or government-sector, finance competency play a key role in ensuring the smooth operations of the organisations and whether the objectives of organisations are achieved or not. From initial funding to daily operating expenses to capital expenditure, the finance professionals’ role is paramount to the success of the organisation in terms of conducting fund raising exercise, undertaking financial monitoring activities as well as generating financial and management reports.

For this session, emphasis of the Executive Development Programme for the finance competency is in the area of Capital Market - its roles, purposes and operations vis a vis Malaysian corporates and potential corporates.

Malaysia Capital Market: Overview and Financial Analysis

Provides an overview of Malaysia’s Capital Market landscape which has undergone dynamic changes since the late 1980s. Participants are accorded an overview of the capital market, the regulatory and legal framework, market players as well as the primary & secondary markets. The programme also covers the various financial markets such as exchange, equity and debt markets. Participants will learn to analyse financing, investing and operating activities from the different points of views such as from the equity analyst’s as opposed to credit analyst’s perspectives and evaluating what is important for different investors.

Session 1 : Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Session 2 : Wednesday, 16 November 2016


A Practical Guide to the Malaysian Capital Market

The second installment of the Capital Market Certificate Programming jointly awarded by RAM Berhad and UKM, this programme deals with the science of the equity market such as what are equities, types of equities, legal and accounting implications of the equity market, the benefits and challenges of raising funds through the equity market, and drivers of the equity market. Participants will learn the roles that the equity market plays in the economy, how the equity market finances the economy, and the relationship between the interest rate and the equity market.

Session 1 : Tuesday, 22 November 2016
Session 2 : Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Dynamics of Malaysian Debt Market

A programme which demystifies bonds by defining what are bonds, the different types of bond, how the bond market satisfies the needs of the investors and fulfill their obligations to the issuers. In this final component of the Capital Market Certificate Programme, participants will study how the bond market support the financial markets and the economy as well the intricacies of the international corporate and sovereign bonds. The programme also gives special focus on rating considerations, placement strategies in bond distribution and recent developments in securitisation, mortgage backed securities and high yield bonds / junk bonds.

Session 1 : Tuesday, 29 November 2016
Session 2 : Wednesday, 30 November 2016



Datin Zameema Banu Bt Mohamad Ariff

Zameema Banu is the Founder and Director of Valoris Training and Consultancy. Valoris is a training, business consultancy and project management company. The company is involved in diverse areas of training and consultancy with particular focus on financial education either through workshops or public conferences. She specialises in Islamic banking and finance and is an advocate of bond market development in Malaysia, having drawn up several conference programmes on the capital markets over the past 6 years. Zameema has over 10 years of experience in the financial and credit rating industry. She started her career in Rating Agency Malaysia Bhd (now known as RAM Holdings Berhad) where she had the opportunity to oversee a myriad of  industries, particularly project financing programmes. She has also written several industry outlook papers on Islamic banking, construction, manufacturing and stockbroking. Currently, Zameema is the Rating Committee Chairman in RAM Ratings. The committee convenes to deliberate and evaluate all decisions regarding rating and changes in rating. The committee assigns and decides on credit ratings. Zameema received her degree in Accountancy from International Islamic University, Malaysia and her MBA from University of Wales, College of Cardiff – United Kingdom.