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There is an increasing awareness that we are in a changing phase of a different and more creative business environment and economy due to globalization that is fast-tracked by technological advances. Looking beyond 2020, both the government as the policy maker, and the business corporations need to be prepared to face awaiting challenges over the next decade. Possibly both the business management and government need to be reinvented to face the future dynamism in the economy and business environment. This conference will provide insights on what the future holds and how to prepare for the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Conference

The Graduate School of Business (GSB) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM) is proud to present the conference Managing the Future - Beyond 2020.

Organised by the Academy of Leadership And Management (ALAM) of UKM-GSB, this Conference is a module under the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme. The learning outcomes of the LDP include, amongst others, development of competent and effective leaders by exploring key leadership and management theories in the context of practical skills required to succeed in today’s performance driven job market.

Managing The Future: Beyond 2020

The transformation of Malaysia into a developed and sustainable high-income nation by 2020 essentially shifts the major part of nation building to be under the responsibility of the private sector. In addressing current trends such as societal needs for higher quality of life, greater inclusion in economic activities and bigger participation in democratic spaces, for instance, it is crucial for corporate leaders to think and act not only beyond the business boundary embracing a broader shared value with external stakeholders but also of what lies ahead in the future.

Beyond 2020, it is imperative that leaders across both the public and private sectors to take into account the needs of the people by focusing on innovation and developing new skills to face a more competitive working environment. Effective business leadership needs to be responsive and constantly evolving to handle the changing landscape of politics, economics, cultural and societal norms, and management dynamism. Moreover, a corporation requires a supportive culture for organisational transformation involving insights of current competency gaps in critical areas and how they will be bridged in facing the more challenging future.

In this light, the primary objective of the Conference is to develop a cohesive management understanding of the future given the changing dynamics of a globalised society.

The Aims

• To provide economic and business insight into what lies ahead in the future in terms of risks and opportunities.
• To understand the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace and prepare to sustain competitive advantage of one’s business.
•To recognise the roles of public-private sector partnerships in shaping the past, present and future.