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Assoc Prof Dr Fazli Idris

Assoc Prof Dr Fazli Idris

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Fazli Idris conducts course in Operations Management based on his industrial experience working for SONY Corporation, prior to joining academia. He also conducts trainings in project management.  He received his BBA from East Texas State University, Texas and MBA and PhD from UKM. His areas of interest are in operations strategy, service operations, quality management, and just in time operations. His current research project is – Innovative capability in business operations:  Assessment of critical factors and development of an integrated framework for service industries (USD20, 000) – which is funded by Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education.  Dr Fazli’s research works have appeared in several journals such as; Total Quality Management, Singapore Management Review and Journal of Comparative International Management. Dr Fazli had participated in several international conferences such as the TQM World Congress and Production and Operations Society’s annual conference. The most recent one is HICL 2014, organized by Technical University Hamburg (TUHH). He was a Guest Researcher at TUHH (Technical University of Hamburg) in Sep 2014 and a Visiting Scholar at Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo from Oct-Dec 2014.

Selected Journal Publication

Husain, N., Abdullah, M., Idris, F., Sagir, R.M. (2001). The Malaysian Total Performance Excellence Model: A conceptual framework. Total Quality Management, 12 (7), pp. 926-931.

Idris, F., Ali, K.A.M. (2008). The impacts of leadership style and best practices on company performances: Empirical evidence from business firms in Malaysia. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 19 (1-2), pp. 163-171.

Alolayyan, M.N.F., Ali, K.A.M., Idris, F., Ibrehem, A.S. (2011). Advance mathematical model to study and analyse the effects of total quality management (TQM) and operational flexibility on hospital performance, Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 22 (12), pp. 1371-1393.

Idris, F. (2011). Total quality management (TQM) and sustainable company performances: Examining the relationship in Malaysian firms. International Journal of Business and Society, 12 (1), pp. 31-52.

Naqshbandi, M.M., Idris, F. (2012.) Competitive priorities in Malaysian service industry, Business Strategy Series, 13 (6), pp. 263-273.

Reseach Area


Operations Management

Area of Research

Operations Strategy, Service Operations, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management


Project Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management