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Assoc Prof Dr Puan Yatim

Assoc Prof Dr Puan Yatim

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Puan Yatim  is an Associate Professor at UKM-Graduate School of Business. Her research interests are in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance. She received her doctorate degree from University of Queensland, Australia in 2006. She has taught financial management, investment and portfolio management, financial markets and institutions, and derivatives markets and risk management, both in undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Her research activities focus on corporate finance and corporate governance, board of directors, and corporate risk management. She has authored and co-authored several research articles in a number of related areas. Her recent authored and co-authored articles appeared in Journal of Management and Governance (2010), Malaysian Accounting Review (2009), and Managerial Auditing Journal (2006). She is also a recipient of several research grants including Research University Grant (UKM) and Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS – MOHE).

Selected Journal Publication

Yatim, P., Kent, P., Clarkson, P. (2006). Governance structures, ethnicity, and audit fees of Malaysian listed firms. Managerial Auditing Journal, 21 (7), pp. 757-782.

Yatim, P. (2009). Board structures and the establishment of a risk management committee by Malaysian listed firms. Journal of Management and Governance, 14 (1), pp. 17-36.

Yatim, P. (2011). Under-pricing and board structures: An investigation of Malaysian initial public offerings (IPOs). Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance, 7 (1), pp. 73-93.

Munir, S., Saleh, N.M., Jaffar, R., Yatim, P. (2013). Family ownership, related-party transactions and earnings quality. Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance, 9 (1), pp. 129-153.

Research Area


Corporate Finance, Investment, Capital Markets

Area od Research

Corporate Finance And Corporate Governance Issues


Financial Market Analysis, Corporat Finance