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Prof Dr Arawati Agus

Prof Dr Arawati Agus

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Arawati Agus is a Professor of Operations and Quality Management at Graduate School of Business, National University of Malaysia (UKM). She received a Bachelor degree in Finance from Southern Illinois University and Master in Management Sciences from St. Louis University. She obtained her Ph.D. at  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Her area of research includes Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Operation Management, Service Quality and Entrepreneurship. Her works have been published in Total Quality Management (UK), International Journal of Management, Singapore Management Review, International Journal of Production Economics, Security Industry Review (Singapore), Journal of Quality and Reliability, Malaysian Management Review and Management Journal (UKM).

Selected Journal Publication

Agus, A., Krishnan, S.K., Kadir, S.L.S.A. (2000). The structural impact of total quality management on financial performance relative to competitors through customer satisfaction: A study of Malaysian manufacturing companies. Total Quality Management, 11 (4-6), pp. S808-S819.

Agus, A., Abdullah, M. (2000). Total quality management practices in manufacturing companies in Malaysia: An exploratory analysis. Total Quality Management, 11 (8), pp. 1041-1051.

Agus, A. (2005). The structural linkages between TQM, product quality performance, and business performance: Preliminary empirical study in electronics companies. Singapore Management Review, 27 (1), pp. 87-105.

Agus, A., Barker, S., Kandampully, J. (2007). An exploratory study of service quality in the Malaysian public service sector. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 24 (2), pp. 177-190.

Agus, A., Hajinoor, M.S. (2012). Lean production supply chain management as driver towards enhancing product quality and business performance: Case study of manufacturing companies in Malaysia. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 29 (1), pp. 92-121.



Research Area


Operation & Quality Management (TQM, QCC, ISO, Business Excellence etc)

Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality.

Area of Research

Operations Management, Supply Chain Management & Lean Production

Quality Management and Business Competitiveness (TQM, QCC, Business Excellence etc)

Service Quality (ServQual) and Customer Satisfaction


Courses Taught at Master Level

Research Methodology, Business Research Methods, Decision Analysis, Operations Management, Quality Management, Management Science, Statistics for Management, Multivariate Analysis