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Assoc Prof Dr Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim

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Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim has more than fifteen years of experience as an academician including a casual teaching stint in Australia. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Melbourne. He specializes in New Product Development and Innovation Management from the marketing perspective. His research interests center on how new products influence customer behavior, branding and packaging, product exports, and green marketing. He is particularly interested and proficient in multiple moderated regression analysis (MRA). Nik has published widely in international journals and reputable conference proceedings (e.g., AMS, AMA) and is the co-author of Product Management & Strategy, a textbook published by McGraw-Hill. He has led a number of research projects and facilitated several groups pertaining to new product development and assessment of market potential in collaboration with industry partners such as Malaysian Foundation for Innovation, UKM Technology, Amazing Reality, Filati Lastex, TH Travel & Services, and Nona Roguy. He is keen in knowledge sharing and believes that real projects or practical applications should be embedded in the teaching process.


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Selected Journal Publication

Hossain, S., Hashim, N., Mustapha, N., Chen, L.T.A. (2002). Quadratic application in farm planning under uncertainty. International Journal of Social Economics, 29 (4), pp. 282-298.

Alam, S.S., Nik Hashim, N.H., Rashid, M., Omar, N.A., Ahsan, N., Ismail, M.D. (2014). Small-scale households renewable energy usage intention: Theoretical development and empirical settings. Renewable Energy, 68, pp. 255-263.

Nik Hashim, N.M.H., Alam, S.S., Yusoff, N.M. (2014). Relationship between teacher’s personality, monitoring, learning environment, and students’ EFL performance. GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies, 14 (1), pp. 101-116.

Research Area


Product Innovation and New Product Development

Research Interest

  • Consumer reaction to products
  • Product design and packaging
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Product launch and strategic marketing
  • Product export and performance
  • Product innovation and market orientation
  • Eco-products and environmental marketing


New Product Development, Conceptual Design