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Centre – Regional Risk Monitoring


Country Risk is the risk of exposure to loss caused by events in a foreign country. Generally, country risk essentially meant sovereign risk (which is a sub-set of country risk) but recently a broader understanding of term includes all forms of lending or investment activity whether to/with individuals, corporates, banks or governments are covered. RRM approaches research in this area by linking macroeconomic and financial market analysis to gain unparalleled insight across many industries and global markets.

Three inter-related areas of concentration:

+ Macroeconomics and finance;

+ Social and geo-politics;

+ Regulatory issues affecting the market’s scenario.

RRM will provide unified global, regional and country investment, management of risk and growth strategies based on macroeconomic forecasting, financial market analysis and political risk assessments. Amongst other things, the risk monitoring shall combine analysis and measurements, identifying a country’s macroeconomic, political, fiscal, regulatory and normative trends and early warning signs, as well as provide medium- and long-term country risk predictions; draw up a Country Risk Map in order to support the Portfolio Risk Management activity.