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Ismamuradi Abdul Kadir

Head of Strategy Management, CyberSecurity Malaysia
MBA Part Time Sept 2015

Embarking on MBA programme with UKM Graduate School of Business is a game changer that has impacted both my career and social life. It is an eye opener to a new dimension of Master in Business Administration program, in which a modular program is introduced to bring balance in academic theories with practical industry experiences from the experts that the faculty bring in for the programme. Dramatically, the overall experience changes my initial perception towards the local Institute of Higher Learning. This is one of a kind programme that I am looking for when searching for the right MBA that suits a working executive like me. The right balance of conceptual academic theories and practical knowledge of industrial worldly scenarios.

UKM GSB also promotes us to improve our social awareness by translating our MBA Project into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project. We have established an NGO called ‘Green Harmony’ (www.greenharmony.my), registered with Registrar of Society of Malaysia.  With 20 members of certified CyberSAFE Ambassador on board, we have successfully delivered various programmes to the public in making a positive social impact in the area of cyber security awareness. To date, we have reached out to more than 580 people and we believe this type of engagement needs to be continued in the future to safeguard our information, privacy and dignity.

With 16 years of working experience in the industry and the government environment, I find that every day is a day of learning and here with UKM GSB, they are preparing you to be a doer and a thinker at the same time. And of course, you must enjoy what you do in order to produce the best result. If you ask me, sincerely I can say this is one of the best learning experience in my life, building networks and sharing ideas. I would highly recommend UKM GSB to those who are seeking the best MBA programme.