Hospital Pakar Kanak-Kanak UKM

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The Speech and Language Therapy services in HPKK UKM is a premiere clinic that serves the paediatric population and their families in Malaysia. Our paediatric speech-language therapists provide the most current and best care for your child’s communication, feeding and swallowing needs. Research has shown that children show more progress when families are actively involved in therapy, which is reflected in our family-centred practice that involves parents in all aspects of their child’s care.

Speech-language therapy services at HPKK UKM include comprehensive evaluations, treatment for children with language/ communication/ feeding disorders, consultations, and parental training. We provide weekly, periodic, or intensive therapy through individual or group sessions.

What Do We Do

Our experts provide the following services including specialty areas such as:

  1. Comprehensive speech, language, communication evaluations and treatment for children aged 0-18 years old
  2. Paediatric feeding/ swallowing assessments
  3. Stuttering Therapy
  4. Aural Rehabilitation for Children with Hearing Loss
  5. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  6. Parental counselling and training

Among the children we care for include those with:

  1. Developmental language delays & disorders
  2. Articulation and phonological disorders
  3. Developmental disorders (ASD, Down syndrome, ADHD etc.)
  4. Feeding/ Swallowing disorders
  5. Hearing Loss/ Impairments
  6. Resonance Disorders (e.g. Cleft Lip/ Palate)
  7. Social communication issues/ Social skills
  8. Fluency disorders (stuttering/ cluttering)
  9. Motor speech difficulties (dysarthria & apraxia)
  10. Voice disorders

Speech-language tele-rehabilitation
Tele-rehabilitation speech-language therapy is provided through video with a computer or tablet.

The Speech and Language services at HPKK provide a virtual clinic to families that do not readily have access to appropriate services in their nearest communities.

Appointments will be conducted almost similarly to traditional face-to-face sessions, where Speech Language Therapists will provide evaluations, treatment and consultations to families across the distance.

Multi-disciplinary Clinics
Our speech and language therapists regularly work with other professionals and departments (Occupation therapists, dietitians, CDC, ENT etc) to provide comprehensive care to children, young adults and their families through the:

  1. UKM Cochlear Implant Team
  2. Feeding Clinic
  3. Communication Disorder Clinic
  4. Combined Cleft Palate Clinic