Summary Update

HPKK-UKM Building Takes Its Final Shape with 75% Work Completed

The construction of the Hospital Pakar Kanak-Kanak UKM (HPKK-UKM) has reached the… Read more

Summary Update for August to December 2017

As of 31st December 2017 the progress of the project has reached 63.08%. The clinical block… Read more


Summary update for April to July 2017

As of 31st of July 2017 the progress of the project has reached 31%. The clinical block has reached the 6th floor and the apartment block has reached… Read more

Summary Update for January to March 2017

For the past 3 months we continued the interaction sessions between end-users and the consultants from Zecon,¬†focusing on the… Read more

Summary Update for September to December 2016

In late August the secretariat saw the return of Professor Dr. Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria to the committee. He agreed to come in to deputies for the chairman of the management committee who went on his pilgrimage to Makkah.. Read more

Summary Update for July 2016

icon-speech_blue1This has been a hectic month with a lot of activities in relation to the HPKK UKM. The discussions and interactions with end users continued with the teams from NICU, Pharmacy and the Department for Diagnostic Laboratory Services.. Read more

Summary Update for June 2016
3c788e34c2455d904907cb94584d2166The highlight for this month was surely the inaugural Permata International Conference which was held at the Putra World Trade Centre on the 31st May to 2nd June 2016. The event was officiated by the YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia.. Read more

Summary Update for May 2016
office-building-iconIn early May, we also had a presentation from another vendor for the hospital information system (HIS). As according to the concession agreement, the HIS must be comprehensive (or total) and integrative plus covering all key operational and functional aspects of the hospital.. Read more

Summary Update for April 2016
nothumbnailThis was a rather busy month for the HPKK team. It started with an update presentation on the 6th of April, by a company who has been shortlisted by Zecon to provide the hospital information system (HIS).. Read more