Purpose and Significance of IC-GATE

The purpose of this conference is to advance knowledge and understanding about gifted learners and the supports needed to push their potential to the fullest. This conference will focus on the followings:

    1. Psychological issues of gifted learners/high ability students
    2. Educational provision and psychological supports in gifted/high ability education program
    3. Advance learning strategies for gifted/high ability learners, in particular, among the underachievers
    4. Best practices in gifted/high ability education programs and lesson learned from various countries.
    5. Possible educational and psychological support for families with gifted/high ability children
    6. Psychological support programs and effective interventions for schools with gifted/high ability learners.

The conference is targeted to the following audiences:

    1. Parents with gifted/high ability children
    2. Teachers/educators working with gifted/high ability students
    3. School administrators that provide educational services for the gifted/high ability students
    4. Psychologists and counsellors working with gifted/high ability learners
    5. Individuals and organizations that provide services and support to gifted/high ability students
    6. Individuals and researchers who are interested in working within the area of gifted education

PERMATApintar Negara, UKM